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    So... Been a while, but I'm back in a vehicle! So, this is my BRAND NEW, Mercedes Vito Sport 119 crew cab long wheelbase. 190 bhp, full or semi auto. Several option boxes checked, stereo, comfort rear seats, removable tow bar etc..
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    Hello guys, I have to make a huge & sincere apology, I have not been back on to respond to the topic due to some serious health issues that had me thinking about other things than cars for several month, very very sorry about not getting back sooner, as I always reply to my posts on any forum, I hope you can forgive my tardiness. I really do appreciate the input & will be looking at getting a replacement O2 sensor sorted asap, as the standing water bit sounds like the same issue dr broon fingers crossed that'll sort the old girl out, just had all the underside welded & reinforced, so she should keep on going for a good few more years =)
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    Yes deffo get it posted up over there mate so we can follow where you go with this one. Not got a mk1 golf joined yet let alone a convertible so yours will be the first! Plus we have the free competition running just now over there with a great Bluetooth hands free/mp3 player for the winner!
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    I was sad to see the civic go but always wanted a mk1 golf cabrio so I decided to get that I might put a build thread up on that website as I have got a few things planned for it but nothing over the top lol just want to make it look clean.
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    No car parts for me sadly. But I'm fussy with them so I'd rather get them myself
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    I expect you were heart broken waving goodbye to your boosted Civic You're definitely onto a winner with a Mk1 Golf Gti because the only way the price will go is up. Would be great to see your build thread over on our sister Site : https://www.futureclassiccars.uk/index.php?/forums/
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    Looking forward to seeing the golf mate!