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  1. Yes that's correct. Had a good once over, timing belt, valve clearances etc.
  2. Recently I have been accused of enjoying taking things apart.
  3. KiNK43

    Still too soft

    I believe the dampers between 120 and 180 are the same, it's the front spring rate thats different and 120 being 4 cylinder engine, makes them better match for the 4 cylinder civic. I'm pretty sure someone on here tried civic lowering springs on mg shocks before tho and it didn't work out to well.
  4. Strangely I've had a captur hire car aswell while our ford was repaired. Altho It was a 1.5 petrol, it was really punchy too. But I totally agree. Wasn't very stable at speed or mid corner of giving it any.
  5. KiNK43

    Wheel size

    I don't know the answer as such of the top of my head. However I have been running 15x7 et35. 195 50 15 tyres. And no rubbing or catching at all and the car get driven really hard at times
  6. Good on you. Need to show these people old Honda's Never die they just get faster! (And rustier)
  7. Hi and welcome. Cars both look great. Love the airbox on the civic. Never seen that done before. Like it
  8. That's perfect!. Was a complete step backwards on th m. Even eg had pop up cup holders.
  9. Many Sony double dins have the single din rear section. You'd expect quality to be good on those. I've been looking for my Hilux and seen them.
  10. Personally I find a smaller steering wheel improves how it feels.
  11. Yeah it's the turns lock to lock that not great on these civic. Integra steering rack supposed to be a good upgrade. Not tried it myself mind.
  12. 3.0td it's got plenty of grunt that's for sure. But it's far from mint. I've tidied it up a little. But not too worried. A coat of poor boys black hole has made it look far better than it did :) fixed few oil leaks and couple bits for MOT. but it's just a beater to sling stuff in and out of really. However I can't deal with driving a complete shed, hence giving it a little attention.
  13. Civic has been on the back burner a touch. However going to start cracking on now. My new daily has innevitably cost me a small fortune and precious time to make road worthy and also not so much of an eyesore. But glad I've percevered. Fantastic space can get three bikes in the back no bother. Boiler and all my kit for weekend jobs. Love it. Just my wallet doesn't must be doing no more than 15mpg. Thirsty girl
  14. I cannot picture it exactly. But yes I recall having to cut a section out to lower the heater and put gauges in there. And 100% had to on eg.
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