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  1. KiNK43

    Rear Wheel arch

    Maybe it's a generic picture. There is a plastic guard on the left side that covers the filler neck isn't there. Maybe it's that
  2. KiNK43

    Rover fog lights

    I doubt it without modification and yes the plugs will be different.
  3. Unlikely it would get air in system of was bled properly before unless the coolant level had dropped significantly. I find when bleeding the system if you get it about there then just go for a drive the increased engine speed will usually expell any air into the expansion tank. Make sure the heater are set to hot. So next step is to go through the fan system. You say the car tends to overheat when idling and the fan isn't coming on.. I would check the fan works by disconnecting the fan switch which is usually on the thermostat housing. And link the pins in the plug with a piece of wire, bypassing the fan switch. If the fan comes on then next check the fan switch. If fan doesn't come on when you link that plug out, then there's a fault either with the fan or wiring or fuse has gone etc etc.
  4. Aftermarket one should be fine. Sounds like you have found your heater issue. Hopefully the slight overheating is not a major issue. Its been warm out. But like I say check the fan is working as it should be coming in and off as required. And fit a new stat as there cheap enough. And go from there.
  5. Check the basics mate. Oil and Coolant levels (when cold obviously) Make sure the fan comes on and goes off as expected. And assuming there ok a new thermostat would be a good idea I'd say. Hopefully nothing more serious. As for your heater I'd suggest it's unrelated and sounds like a fuse may have gone. That would be the first place to look.
  6. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    From Matt Lewis Racing. Very good price tbh. You know me love searching for a bargain. Not checked there the right length yet tho eeek
  7. KiNK43

    Rover fog lights

    Have you already got the brackets etc? I could point you in the direction of some that should fit. As there what I fitted to my own car. 50 quid a pair.
  8. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Booked another track day for 16th August so best be back in my feet by then. Surely I will. In the mean time hopefully I can get these parts fitted. Tart the brakes up a bit.
  9. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Said it's too early for physio unfortunately. But ultimately I guess I'll have to yes.
  10. KiNK43

    Rover fog lights

    Not without modification
  11. KiNK43

    MG zs side skirts wanted

    Yes I see what you mean. Must be different types as you say
  12. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Just been docs. Said I've just got the mother of all sprains. Torn ligaments etc. 4-6 weeks to be back on my feet she recons.
  13. KiNK43

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Not good. Still can't stand or walk. Hopping around everywhere or on crutches. Guess it will improve with time. Took the opportunity to order the bits to redo the brakes tho. So that's one positive. Probably would have ended up in the gravel tomorow trying slowdown from 150mph
  14. KiNK43

    MG zs side skirts wanted

    Actually not many, must be getting rarer. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174139303919