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    On 6/24/2019 at 12:36 AM, RamzV77ECG said:

    To be honest my tyres are bit wack,Got my DC2 Alloys going on ,Get some nice Toyos or some Michelin on them ,DC2 Alloys are really light.Picture coming up soon,A Friends got some springs but will it look good at 45mm?

    there's your issue there then mate, tyres are s**t, Toyo T1R's are ok, i wouldn't run them now.  i'd go for something better more of an all rounder

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  2. mine seem fine, i run mine real low and mine tends to sit for quite a while at a time, i have asked before about replacement shock because of the thread on the collar, and they were selling them when i asked a year ago. i just cleaned up the thread and is better now


    7 hours ago, dmrichards said:


    What did you get for a eco run about? I've still got my fabia vrs witch I'm tempted to use again but I'm I'm looking at cr-z's :-o

    i ended up getting a Gen 8 Accord tourer diesel with all the gadgets on, i love it, but can't wait to get driving the deck again

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  4. 1 hour ago, dmrichards said:

    Still no new photos! And I should have a new sump turn up tomorrow and I've already got a set of skunk2 camber arms to fit too. 


    I've also started cutting the blue bumper ready to clear the intercooler. 


    And the ep3 will be going sometime in the new year and something cheep to run and tax will be here to replace it. Then I need to pull my finger out and get saving for a house deposit! shrug.gif1

    ha ha i'm still saving for a house deposit, got something eco now aswel and i'm still buying bits for the deck aswel :Facepalm1:


  5. 12 hours ago, dr_broon said:

    Car's looking sweet buddy. Nice little set of mods. 


    As @Dave says, I'm sure that the strips on the doors just prise off (carefully), but it's a long time since I did it. Might be worth applying a bit of heat to stop the plastic being too brittle? (thinking more hair dryer rather than heat gun) not sure if it'd make any difference as those clips will be pretty old. 


    @Chandler might know? 

    bumpers you can't remove, but door and front wings you can remove, from my memory the front doors have a 10mm nut just inside the door then you will need to pry them off as they are clipped and stuck on, the rear doors are just clipped and stuck on so should just pry off carefully

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  6. 8 hours ago, dr_broon said:

    It's a rubbish time off year isn't it... Being dark before even leaving work does nothing for motivation :nonono:

    yes mate, more the weather being wet for me, working shift work has its advantages. 

    also some parts turned up today. i'm extremely excited and they are extremely sexual [smitten.gif]

    will post up some pictures when i can get a good picture of all of it 

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  7. haven't been able to do any work on the car for a while because of this crap weather and no motivation.

    but i've had confirmation that my parts have arrived in the netherlands and have been shipped today. and some more parts have been sent out today from another company. so hopefully weather picks up in the lead up to christmas so i can get some work done. and more wiring to do :56e06b805ab81_notimpressed:

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  8. On 11/14/2018 at 7:35 PM, Dave said:

    Are images uploading ok now mate? I'll have a look at the error logs when I get a chance and see what's going on. Might have been the host company carrying out server maintenance.

    don't know mate, i'll have a look shortly. only seems to be from my phone though

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