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  1. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    Fresh s4c box fitted what an improvement over standard gearbox
  2. Leavermb6

    Gearbox for my.mb6

    After a gearbox in good working order my gearbox has given up but it's very strange in reverse when I'm reversing and I put the clutch down it jolts the car like something is jammed and at slow speed won't go from 3Rd to 2nd but if going fast it's fine also no crunches strange one
  3. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

  4. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    Some better pictures
  5. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

  6. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    Not letting me upload them for some reason
  7. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    My friends dc5 lovely motor got some more pics of mine now that it's waxed
  8. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    Some more pictures
  9. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    Yeah all being welded in with new arch mate is doing it for 200 with blending into door and rear quater so should be sweet doing a brake fluid change next week to some racing fluid
  10. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    The car and the only bit of rust on it which will be sorted soon
  11. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    How do I get onto members cars mate
  12. Leavermb6

    My mb6 build

    @mb690 s9b for now costing a fair bit to put in so give it a couple of months and then il be putting a s80 in it can't wait tbh should be a little rocket
  13. Leavermb6

    Mb6 b18c6

    I will keep an eye out will be finished 8th of may
  14. Leavermb6

    My mb6 build

    Here is my mb6 just recently got, At the moment it's on Koni shocks and springs, full Nortech exhaust and on 7th of may having my b18c6 fitted will upload more photos when the car is being to show you all the build Rocker cover is actually a lot darker than pictured