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  1. Sprint SW96 with Uniroyal RS3 tyres

    Are these still available?
  2. Accord type r seat install

    Yeah I ended up figuring a way out of doing it. But cheers anyway
  3. Wanted aerodeck parts

    Hi I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help but I'm just looking for a few things for my 1.6 deck. I'm looking for: -Standard exhaust centre section -heater resistor -passenger side wing mirror (electrical) -centre console clock (or just the bulb if it can be changed). Any suggestions on where I can find this stuff would be great!
  4. No warm air

    Yeah I think I'm going to strip it down soon and see exactly what's happening inside. I was thinking the temperature control could be faulty so it's not moving off cold setting but I'll hopefully see what's up straight away. Cheers for the help everyone!
  5. No warm air

    Could the resistor contribute to the fact there's no warm air being blown?
  6. Accord type r seat install

    Brilliant! I used to have a set of evo 4 seats in my car but I changed cars so now I'm seeing if there's any alternative ways in which I can do these atr's. I'll look in to making new brackets thanks
  7. No warm air

    Is the heater resistor hard to get to?
  8. No warm air

    Yeah I'm fairly confident it's the same on all settings. But I guess I can try take the heater out and see if there's anything obvious that's wrong. I'm not sure if it might be linked but the first three settings on the fan power don't work. So only the last two on the dial blow air.
  9. No warm air

    Yeah the engine runs at normal temperature
  10. No warm air

    Currently my heaters refuse to blow hot air. No matter how long I'm driving for they just blow cold air. I've made sure to bleed the cooling system so there's no trapped air but it's made no difference. Anyone have any ideas to what it could possibly be?
  11. Accord type r seat install

    I've just purchased a set of atr recaros and was wondering if anyone has possibly ran these seats before and know the best way of making them fit. I've got a few ideas but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking an easier method first!
  12. interior parts

    Never mind then mate, cheers anyway!
  13. interior parts

    Is the steering wheel and boss available mate?
  14. Recaro seats

    For sale are two genuine recaro seats originally from an evo 4 I believe. I previously bought them for my ek civic, since then they make been modified to fit a civic aerodeck (mb4) both seats are in great condition with absolutely no rips or tears they have been well looked after. The seats do also flip forward which makes it convenient for 3 door cars, people can still get in the back seats. Any questions please ask. Looking for £250
  15. Reasonably priced coilovers

    How much will you be wanting for them mate?