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  1. Boosted

    Black leather interior, door cards and odd bits

    Does this one have the third brake light at the bottom of the rear window (like the ma9)? if so do you have its the cover and are willing to sell it? I've been looking all over for it. Also are you willing to sell the door dom light switches? I'd buy all four I don't know how much they are going for... So I'll say 5£ each? Plus 20 for the cover? Also, you'd be shipping to Portugal so I can pay for the shipping too
  2. So I'll be doing my first ever brake job tomorrow, after watching a lot of chrisfix I believe I'm ready to do it. I've downloaded a service manual for the Ms but nowhere in there says the torque spec for the bolts that hold the caliper to the knuckle, if anyone could tell me what it is I'd appreciate it. I don't know if it makes any difference but the car is an MA9. Edit: nvm just found it, it was in the suspension section, not on the brake section as I expect it to be. If anyone wants to know what it is it's 108nm ( 11.0 kg-m, 80lbf ft)
  3. Boosted

    Rear right brake light keeps breaking

    sorry for digging the topic. I've got the same problem with the left brake light, I've had my MA9 for almost 1,5 years and I've already lost count of how many times I've had to replace it. it happens more often in the winter, I wonder if it could be due to condensation?
  4. Boosted

    Here is a funny story

    I've been trying to get the two screws at the top of the ashtray mount for months now, I'd turn the screwdriver left (righty tighty lefty loosy) and it would just jump out of the screw.. Today I was ranting about it to my girlfriend and she tells me: "have you tried turning it right?" I look at her like "wut?" I mean righty tighty lefty loosy right? Well not today. I tried turning the screws right and it worked.. it bloody WORKED! I've been trying to undo those screws, stripping them out for months. when all I had to do was turn the screwdriver right.. I'm not even mad..
  5. Boosted

    Innocent civic

    I just hope they drop the soap when they go to prison
  6. Boosted

    12V fuse on a 7.5V slot & Clock bulb

    Yeah, I had one with 3 diodes but it was actually weaker than the one that came with the car. The other day I saw a sale on LEDs with 6 diodes, pay one take two, and I bought them, but only after opening the package I noticed it was a 12v, but since it was the same size as the 3 diodes one I put it in without thinking, two minutes of it running and it blew the fuse. So I was thinking if replacing the 7.5v fuse with a 12v would cause any damage or, god forbid, fire. Been getting mixed opinions on it both from friends and online, I'll probably stick with the 3 diode one yup, guilty here, tried to do the same thing, not because I forgot but because I was just too lazy to fiddle around with it. but my girlfriend was able to get it out, thanks mate
  7. Hey I'm not too bright when it comes to electrics so excuse my ignorance. I bought an LED interior light, but dumb me bought a 12v light instead of a 7.5v and naturally, the 7.5v fuse didn't like that very much and blew, so I'm thinking, would there be a problem if I replaced the 7.5v fuse with a 12v? Also, the clock bulb went out, I've tried reaching it through the stereo slot but my hands are too big, is there any other way to get to it that doesn't involve taking apart the center console? Thanks
  8. oh, I must have one to enter? well then maybe next month, how do I delete the post?
  9. my little MA9, please excuse the dirty rims
  10. Boosted

    unlabeled light

    mine does have a sensor hanging from the driver's door, never heard it go off, though the car does beep when I open the door from the outside, a similar beep to the one that goes off when you forget to turn off the lights
  11. Boosted

    unlabeled light

    No, but it does have an alarm and doesn't look factory fitted, so yeah could be that, i'll try figure out why it isn't working. Thanks for you help mate
  12. Boosted

    unlabeled light

    Hello, First of all i'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, if it isn't please move it for me, thanks Does anyone know what this light is? never seen it turn on yet it's just there unlabeled doing nothing. The owners manual doesn't seem to mention it, according to the owners manual there should be a switch for the dashboard light in it's place