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Found 123 results

  1. Hello guys, i have a mb6 vti and noticed i needed some rust cut out under my floorpan and a plate welded in so with that i thought i would inspect further, around the boot hinges the seal has come free and that has rusted quite bad causing a hole, then onto taking the side skirts off and behold all the rear of the sill has a ton of rust and a big hole either side aswell as it working its way up the arches! ideally im looking for a MB6 VTI shell or a Aerodeck VTI shell or maybe even a full car for the right price as long as it is rust free!!, hit me up with anything you have! thansk for your time
  2. linkwolf5

    Mb6 from Portugal

    Hi civ5! Im from Portugal and im new here. Here is my mb6, most of the mods were done by last owner but i got some details to repair and upgrades to do! some pics here ic
  3. MBFinlay

    MB6 exhaust options/specs

    Does anyone have supersprint (923125) silencer in their MB6? what is the diameter? 2.25? 2.5? I have 2.5 piping at the moment. Muffler/silencer should ideally be 2.5 too. Supersprint seem pricey but i suppose it's a quality product? Sounds are usually fine too but what about on MB6? Anyone here had one? Too loud? Booming noice? "Ricey"? I don't want too loud but some sound would be nice. Current one is too booming under hard gas or high way speeds in general. Any suggestions? Some magnaflow oval? What are the specs for original exhaust system with MB6? Pipe diameter? Never had original in mine when i got so it would be interesting to know.
  4. Vtisgilman

    4x114 15" VTIS fanblades

    15" Fanblade alloys off my VTIS. 4x114 Pretty good condition, few kerb marks Wrapped in yokohama tyres, 2 are pretty good and 2 are worn. Iv not driven on these wheels for years so would be a good idea to change all 4. Collection from bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. Near Stansted airport. £150 ono
  5. Jay

    Vits lip kit

    Hi. Looking for a vtis lip kit pref silver. Any bits or pieces let me know. Located southampton.
  6. Vtisgilman

    Steering rack advice

    Hi people I am removing my power steering on my vtis that I use for track days. The car never gets used on the road so I don't have to worry about parking it with heavy steering. I removed the belt to see how it felt and I don't find it to bad so next is to remove it completely. I was going to remove the rack to open it up and do the depower mod but though while it's off I might aswell put a different one on that is quicker lock to lock, as the turn in isn't that great so a shorter ratio rack that's been depowered would hopefully be a big improvement. There is lots of info out there but no one seems to know for sure and some info contradicts what others have said. So as this is the home of mb6 experts I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on what would be a good replacement rack that is a straight swap.
  7. AJCivic

    Mud Guards

    Hi, desperately looking for a full set of mud guards for the MB's, preferably new or in good condition. If not then I would take the rears only, maybe somebody has taken them off to fit a VTIS lip? Arranged to buy some from somebody on eBay but once again an eBay seller is letting me down. Have the front ones fitted so feel kind of stupid without rear ones also. But the front ones are quite worn so wouldn't mind replacements. Thanks!
  8. Steviemb6

    New my mb6 vti

    Hi new to the forum, picked up this mb6 totally standard apart from coilover a month ago and since then I've added an omp wheel and quick release, new carpets, added an aem induction kit, aluminium rad and red coolant hoses, decat, custom spark plug cover,bonnet raisers and few wee tidy up bits, I've owned a few hondas before this, had am ej6 civic coupe with a b18c4 conversion and also owned an accord type r, but its quite a clean mb6 so don't want to do to much to it or anything done it can be put back, but interested in probably one of the most asked questions of making the custom projector headlights? And looking a nice set of alloys, recommendations? Thanks
  9. AJCivic

    Remote Locking Fob/Key

    Looking for some help please people, like many others the terrible Infra Red remote locking fob has stopped working for my car. I got the remote from the ex-ex owner of my car (been in the family since new) and it was totally disconnected having not been used for years. not lighting up even with new batteries, absolutely dead and I've since lost it anyway. If the opportunity was there to buy a brand new remote/fob, how easy is it to get this coded to your car's code? I imagine it will be a Honda dealership jobby, but what is it likely to set me back? Bearing in mind I will have a brand new never used remote? Thanks! (I know an aftermarket central locking system would no doubt be cheaper but there's also all the wiring involved and paying somebody to do it!)
  10. feck_on_a_stick

    VTI-S Gear Knob

    I'd sold my VTI-S a while back with the metal gear knob, which left me with this one. Some marks as can be seen in the photos. I've tried to get shots at every angle. I'm afraid I cannot find a similar one for sale anywhere for a price reference; I've searched this site and Googled for eBay/Gumtree. I can guess posting this without a price is probably going to be frowned upon so if this is removed I really totally understand however, if any of you nice folks want to PM me with any advice on pricing I'd be very happy to update this post, or start a new one. Thanks
  11. Rainy

    B18C4 buy

    Looking for B18C4 full engine with tranny and intake manifold .
  12. KiNK43

    Very Clean MB6 wanted. Midlands.

    Hi I'm looking for a very clean mb6. Preferably pirates black. Preferably low milage. In the Midlands. Cash waiting. Please pm or Text Jake.07794981710
  13. ChusCervantes

    Wanted: VTI-S Full body kit.

    Hi, i'm searching a VTI-S full body clean kit, i live in Spain and i can pay shipping costs, i hope somebody here got one, if you do pm me, thanks and have a good day.
  14. Rissy

    Electric Sunroof Glass

    I was driving along the M6 on Friday night (Oct 27th 2017). At junction 2, someone threw something at me from an overpass as I drove under (at speed!). The object hit my sunroof and shattered it into a million pieces. I'm now in search of a replacement glass for it. Can anyone help me? I'd prefer to refit a Honda one instead of a Rover/MG one if possible. I'm not going through insurance, as they'll just write off the car!
  15. Hey iam here again, couldnt find my old topic tho... what happened? I just did some trackday after few years. Finally with MeisterR and everything o modded on my suspension. And iam happy. It works.. the second session was on stiffest (rear +5 to softer) and it was good. Its more oversteery. I still think its better to have 8/5 springs than 8/6 btw. I would like to test it how that works. Maybe I will try to get different springs to back, little softer. So I will post the trackday videos here and I also done some roadtrip around Bohemia with my Civic. Its a big project, so it will take time to make the documentary, but i will post it here too, so you can see how my country looks like from an MB6 seat enjoy the videos (only 2 because I ran out of brakepads )
  16. Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling the MB for something that's still performance orientated, but a bit more family friendly. Will be Gutted to see the MB go but it's just not getting the use it deserves. Wanted to offer it up here first before It goes on ebay etc. My build thread is on here to check out: Its a 1999 Pirates Black MB6 VTI. Currently it has Approx 62,000 genuine miles on the clock from new (will confirm the exact number), but it's still in use so this may go up a smidge anyway. I am the second owner from new, it has 3 keys including the RED one and most of the original books / documentation. It has full Honda service history from new up until I bought it in 2014 and from there on, it has full service history from ABP Motorsports in Crewe. It's HPI clear with a report to show and is a genuinely well looked after car. I have over £3000 in receipts since I bought it and the car has had a whole host of upgrades as the build thread will show. Some of the mods & work include: Meister-R's Skunk2 Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kit Skunk2 Rear Camber kit Skunk2 Gold Anodised Rear Lower Control Arms Skunk2 Phi-fifty rear tie Bar Full Strongflex Poly Bush kit including shifter linkage. New OE track rod ends, front lower ball joints, front Drop links & Rear Drop links + any other bushes not covered here or in the poly bush pack. Full 'Fast road' geometry set-up Uniroyal Rainsport 3's '96 Integra Type R Enkei Alloys with spacers - Refurbished in gold. McGuard Locking Nut kit Lightweight RPC chromoly flywheel with ARP bolts Genuine Honda Clutch kit Trans Fluid change Full Service - all filters and fluids including brake fluid, as well as Iridium Plugs, new dizzy cap and arm. Genuine Honda Cambelt kit and water pump + coolant change. Valve lash check and adjustment (only two on the exhaust side were out by a very negligible amount) New rocker cover gasket and plug seals. Tegiwa shock socks. PIA 4K ultra white bulbs Tegiwa Carbon Kevlar Power Chamber intake & filter Full De-Cat back custom Stainless Exhaust from Cobra Sport Exhausts in Sheffield. Full VTIS Kit All callipers taken apart, cleaned, greased and re-assembeld All of the above work has been done in the last 4000 miles / 2 years so its all still nice and fresh. Like most, the car has couple bad bits but nothing major: Body work is starting to get a little taggy from daily use - there is a large scrape on the back bumper, and various car park dings here and there from inconsiderate C**ks. Many of the imperfections would probably come up ok with a good detailing, which I may get done before it goes. The headlight washers have been removed and rubber bungs put in place as they had broken anyway. One of the fogs is missing its outside lense but still works. One of the tail lights has a hairline crack from a stone chip - I do have a spare set available though. The blower resistor has gone on settings 1&2 - common fault and easy fix. everything else works fine and the AC is still ice cold. Small dint in one the edge of the tailpipe thanks to a low curb. there are a few scuffs here and there inside as I think the first owner used it for a couple runs to B&Q with the seats down - but still in beautiful condition really. Disks and Pads need doing all Round. May be some other bits of minor wear and tear expected at this age but overall its still a beauty, just needs more love and time than I can give it at the moment. Located in Sheffield (although on the side closer to Barnsley and Huddersfield) Price is based on the work completed over the last two years alone, not even factored what I paid when I purchased it - So asking £3000 ovno For that price I may have a few extra's to throw in but will have to see what I have waiting in the wings to go on. Will get some more recent pics up ASAP.
  17. Silvio

    Tune Up Kit Honda Civic

    Hi there! I need to put some new stuff on my Civic 1.4i S 1998 (NKG Spark Leads, Distributor Cap, ignition Rotor etc...). I found a set on eBay but i dont know if the Distributor Cap is the right one, on the specification of the product they say that fit for the below Civic Models : 1998 Honda Civic DX Sedan 4-Door 1.6L 1590CC 97Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated 1998 Honda Civic EX Sedan 4-Door 1.6L 1590CC 97Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated 1998 Honda Civic LX Sedan 4-Door 1.6L 1590CC 97Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated Please i need help on this because i am having a lot of problems with my Civic preformance, it has been a while with this and i think that this migt be the problem. S.
  18. Matt

    Vti-s lip kit

    Hi guys! I have been looking for a very long time but cannot find anything, but I am looking for a full vti-s lip kit for that sleek, sporty look. I would go with something else but cannot find anything!! Thanks, Based in north Yorkshire
  19. Hi all, need two front wings, obv rust and dent free. In Silver for my MB6 thanks guys also needed: parcel shelf, passenger door card, silver electric wing mirrors.
  20. Alexandre

    Vti-s lip kit

    Goodnight to all i know it's very rare and probably many more people are searching for them, but im rebuilding my Mb6 and im trying to find a rear Vti-s lip, im trying to buy it for the last 15 year's lol, and it's really not being easy, if someone have one to sell or could help me pointing where i could buy it i would appreciate it really a lot, thank you for your attention, greetings
  21. hi im new to the site. im having some trouble with the exhaust. what do u guys run with from the manifold and out how big and can u do track days with it ?? without the sound going to crazy . hope u guys can understand my question kind regards Damoc
  22. ickis86

    ickis' mb6 project

    hi all, time to make a start on my project thread. Been lurking a couple of months gathering parts and doing some research, and getting bored with the stock 100,000 mile tired old mb6 so it's time to pull my finger out and start modding. Parts so far: Ebay coilovers powerflex bushings various hard parts (tie rods etc.) plastic whales p***s new ht leads and dizzy cap/rotor bosch battery 4-1 ebay manifold drilled & grooved discs with mintex pads buddy club p1 16x7j wheels with toyo t1r's kenwood head unit, kenwood 10'' sub and jbl amp misc fluids etc. I have a set of new old stock itr pistons (pr3) and a 98 type r cylinder head (p72) with valves and springs but no cams. I plan on doing a full rebuild and hi comp N/A build in the future but for now i just want to get the car lightly modded and sitting right, work out the issues. Been hit with health problems recently so i'm not going to be overseas working for a coupla months which sucks so moneys gonna be tight but i will have plenty of time. Lucky for me i have a decent sized workshop with full sized pit with overhead beam and hoist, just need to get off my a*s and get it cleared out properly, nearly there. You'll be seeing plenty of pics over the next few weeks anyway so looking forward to you guys feedback along the way. Lets do this. mb6 with it's little brother S205OBY wheel choice voltmeter sounds will upload more pics soon
  23. Hi! I bought her April 1, 2014. I just show my pictures about her, from the last almost 3 years. Bought in stock, non-care body condition. First picture from 2014 Honda meet, after few days ownership. the one on the left. Headlights already polished a bit. End of summer, 2014 That was my first headlight mod. Lowered on stock shocks & Apexi springs 2015 with new wheels. Drag Wheels DR-9 & friends Then in february, 2016, the rebuild project started. It was a bit rusty on rear arches, also under the skirts. had some scratches on the body... Donor car SAFETY FIRST!!! Lets go, get some paint! "Meanwhile at home" pictures... Parts on the way home.. This is where the rebuild begins... First wheel paint job for fun Stock :\ Almost there... end of 2016 summer season... When you have a hundred mile in the car since paint job, and a stupid woman gives full throttle and goes backward. But forget that b*tch, lets go on. almost end of this thread. Here is my beauty Badge repainted Last headlight polish before season closer honda meet. So called "Brazzers"
  24. Rookie88

    S9b synchro kits

    Has anyone ever bought a synchro kits before if so where from? I'm trying to find reasonable price synchros :/ as I am about to also get started on full engine rebuild
  25. Jordangibbs

    My 98 Honda Civic VTiS

    Hi all this is my VTiS, i've had the car for about 3 years but only just started driving it again after having a lease car for 2 years. was sitting for 2 years being neglected so getting on it now and getting back to its former glory. Got it through the MOT (just) and back driving it everyday and how I've missed the beast. been driving a leon diesel so missed the vtec roar, glad to have it back in my life. I've been having problems with rust on the arches would you believe but that is now being sorted by me (my first body work project). got an exhaust to fit now and just need some lowering springs to give it that stance that I love. anyway here are some pictures and more will follow as the project comes along. any suggestions welcome!!