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  1. Ruby looking good!

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  2. I just joined the ma/mb/mc community here, so i wanted to say hello together with my car

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  3. Ruby's engine bay with custom rocker cover etc

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  4. Honda Civic at Dawns Memorial meet 2015

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  5. Version 1.0.0


    Our popular desktop 1, featuring an arty studio shot of a Honda Civic 1.8 VTi MB6. This download contains three sizes in a zipped file; Size 1: 800 x 449 Size 2: 1024 x 575 Size 3: 1366 x 768
  6. Right... fresh start with a new car! After having an accident in my MB3 quite recently, I have to get another car to take my mind of it. So my oleman decided to help me out on buying me another M! A week later I have found a 1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck MB9 in Pirates Black! Strangely this model doesn't have Air Conditioning? I saw it on Gumtree advertised for £385. It was cheap mainly because it had 158'000 miles on the clock (we all know this is nothing to a Honda) Even though it was 300 miles away, I was determined to buy that car! Bad points: The first thing I noticed was the rust on the rear arches, but I seen worst... Scratches all over, heavy scuffs around the bumpers, a very nasty deep dent on the rear panel, no rear door handle, a broken drivers side mirror and a broken aerial. The bonnet catch has a mind of it's own (one minute it will shut, next minute it won't!) Petrol cap flap doesn't close and the door locks are dodgy at times. Every interior air vent is broken, all door card cloths are stretched and SRS light is on. What's it like to drive? Well it has a very sticky throttle, brakes don't seem that effective and one of the rear brakes binding (common) The rear trailing arm bushes need replacing and the clutch has a very high biting point. Also the revs go up and down on idle (probably the Idle air control valve) So she had a hard life but I know I can replace every part on this car from my old Civic! Also with all these faults, I manged to knock £50 off as the seller didn't even know it had these faults. So I'm chuffed with that Good points: Eveything else works! Windows close properly and all 4 speeds on heaters work surprisingly! And it has a brand new OEM headlight! It has more bottom end grunt than my MB3 (even though the MB3 has less miles and more mods) Also the fuel economy is absolutely amazing! Filled the tank right up, done 360 miles and only used just over half a tank of fuel! Anyway enough yapping, here's a few not so great pictures. I will get more up tomorrow!!
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/HulkHulkenberg/status/695878187813888000
  8. What should i do know or what ? More less i was revesing up the hill and i let the clutch out to hard by accident and i heard a bang and the car stopped and it wouldnt move.it was stuck in gear but we were able to revese it on up the hill and then there was a bad smell of clutch. Gear box is gone i think. He said something about a release bearing. It was on a 1.5 vtec engine, would it be hard to fix or what ?
  9. As with me and Hondas there is always a story. Short version is,after selling my EG the MB6 need to go into the shop for Upgrades so I need another car,that had to be a Honda.had to be a civic,had to be an Aerodeck. Was looking at a few Aerodeck but wanted one that was low cost to run.After reading loads of figures and adds I came across a WHITE Aerodeck just like I found the MB6,buy luck or it was meant to be. this was the one although i would have like a 1.8 the 1.5 Eco Vtech was what I needed,cheap in every thing. I got the Deck in August 2012 so i had it for over a year without touching it and in February 2014 all this happened. After Seeing this,I wanted to take it to the next level as usual I had a vision but I want to not mess the the engine. first i need a Vti-s body kit which was hard to find thanks to Louise Demarco for the for the rear lip and bumper for the Aerodeck and the front for the MB6. then I got the rest if the kit from Adam R Arfiqiue on boxing day i was in my loft spraying then it was time to put the car together after spraying them in the loft on boxing day I could put them on as it was p**sing down with rain so i drove to Bluewater . The rust was a bit of a problem lol I had to remove some mud then i put the freshly painted VTI-S Kit on. the next day i had to rotate the wheels as I had 195x45x15 on the rear and 195x60x15 on the front which made the front look high lol. Comparing THE WHEELS next I went down the road about 2 minutes drive from my house to a crap yard were I found a set of 5 steel for £40 used this site to find the fitments http://www.wheelfitment.net/vauxhall then sent the off for banding next day I did the light and grill the wheels came back in a few days next was the hight, needed low. I have big plans for the Deck suspension but for right now just needed it low using some shock I have in the house as you do,so I set it up I need a jack and a hand so I went to Adam Rafique ,thanks dude for letting me use your stuff. next was choosing the rubber then the test fit now to put it all together on the 31/01/2013 the rubber was ready went to http://www.elitedirect.com/tyres to get the rubber fitted and yes they do stretch with on additional cost did some more work on the rims and tyres and it started p**sing down so i went to Bluewater again
  10. Q= What Civic M' have I got? A= https://civic5.com/forum/main-pages/civic-5-door-and-aerodeck-chassis-codes/ Q= My cars heater only works on certain speeds, or not at all? A= The heater resistor pack has blown. See here for how to replace it >>> Click here Q= What is the wheel offset of the MB6 and other M's? A= http://www.civic5.com/wheel-info.php Q= Does a decat make any difference and where can I get one? A= Yes, a decat will make slight a difference in power. Available from various places such as Ebay Q= What tyre should I get for my M? A= All depends on the model/wheel size you have, and if it's lowered. 14" wheels 185x60 14 15" wheels 195x55 15 16" wheels 195x50 16 17" wheels 195x40 17 Q= I have an MA8/MA9 civic (pre-facelift models) Are the MB body panels the same? A= No. The MA civic 5 doors have the grill built into the front bumper. So body parts that are different are as follows Front bumper Headlights Bonnet Front wings Rear bumper Rear lights Q= What oil should I use in my civic? A= Honda recommend Castrol 10w40, however any make will be fine. You can also use 5w40 if you want to, but its a bit thinner. Q= How much oil does my engine take? A= Single cam engines take approx 3.2 - 3.4 litres, twin cam engines take 3.7 - 4.0 when you change the oil filter at the same time. Q= How often should I service my 'M'? A= Cars registered before July 1998, need a service every 6 months/6000 miles. Cars registered after July 1998 need a service every 1 year/9000 miles. (service schedules to follow.. ) Q= I am buying an m civic, what should i look out for? A= http://civic5.com/hondacivicbuyersguide.php Q= What are the most common mods done on our m civic's A=Exhaust A= Engine coolant bypass (FREE PPPOOOWWWEEERRRRRRRR!!!!) A=Dash board cluster (speedo/rev Guages) brighten up A=JDM brake light’s mod A=Headlight mod (de-tango) A=Aftermarket front fogs A=Rear anti-roll bar upgrade (MGZS)
  11. Hi to all! Was told to get on over here and start a build thread in this section so here i am (with pics as promised) Decided to give the vti her first proper clean and also thought i would dig out a set of wheels i had floating around at the back of my garage.... which meant i had to bring the teg out The vti was on standard rims when i picked her up but i thought id try these an decided they looked ok... may swap back over havent made my mind up yet lol
  12. Hello everyone bought this beauty from Simpo (Adam) on 09 June 2013 and I fell in love with her already. Not with Adam but with the car lol - So here it is My sis ruining the shot!!!
  13. This model of Civic has the Double Over Head Cam VTEC engine Fitted. Power output is 169bhp, making it a quick, powerful and practical sporty hatchback. The VTEC system not only makes the car fast and fun to drive, but also makes it reasonably economical when driving normally. Interior wise, the VTi has half leather (full leather optional extra) sports seats (with drivers seat height adjustment), black ash effect dash inserts (carbon effect on later models), air conditioning, rev counter, radio/cassette (CD player and CD Changer both available as options), electric windows all round, tinted glass with built in top tint sunstrip to windscreen, Electric tilt and slide glass sunroof, electrically operated and heated door mirrors, front and rear head rests, rear centre armrest, front arm rest/storage compartment and remote central locking with factory fitted immobilizer. Exterior wise, the VTi also benefited having headlamp washers, front lip/spoiler, colour coded mirrors and door handles, tailgate spoiler, 5 spoke 15 inch Speedline alloys (with an option alloy package of Speedline Chronos or Speedline Fan depending on model year), VTi badging and DOHC VTEC decals on the rear doors. Mechanically, on top of having the DOHC VTEC engine, the VTi also had uprated brakes, with 282mm vented front discs as standard. It also came with ABS, and a 5 speed gearbox with limited slip differential, adding to the driving experience. Safety wise, driver and passenger SRS airbags and side impact beams, plus seat belt pre-tentioners were all standard. The VTiS models had the same spec as the VTi, but came with the VTiS Speedline Chrono or Fan alloys as standard, and also had a deeper front lip/spoiler with vents, sports side skirts, rear lip, unique alloy VTiS gear knob (or silver and black VTiS gearknob depending on the model year), floor mats with VTiS embroidered onto them, and finally a VTiS badge fitted to the tailgate. VTiS models came in Pirates black pearlescent paint only. Additionally, the VTi and VTiS models were also available in Aerodeck models, the specs being the same as the 5 door hatch models. Aerodeck VTi/VTiS model codes are MC2. Here are the full specs for the Honda Civic VTi & VTiS 5 door hatchback and Aerodeck models. EngineType B18C4 Layout 4 cyl in line, 1797cc Max power 169bhp at 7600rpm Max torque 122lb ft at 6300rpm Specific output 93bhp per litre Power to weight 134bhp per tonne Torque to weight 98lb ft per tonne Installation Front, transverse, front-wheel drive Construction Aluminium alloy head and block Bore/Stroke 81.0/87.2mm Valve gear 4 valves per cyl, dohc High cam valve lift In: 239 dur/ 10.8mm lift - Ex: 235 dur/ 9.4mm lift Valve clearances In: 0.006"-0.007" Ex: 0.007"-0.008" (cold) Compression ratio 10.0:1 Cylinder Compression Nominal 220psi, minimum 140psi, max variation 43psi Ignition and fuel PGM-Fi Firing Order 1-3-4-2 ECU P9K-E11 OBD2 (with OBD1 style plugs) GearboxType S9B (Hydraulic) with Helical LSD 1st 3.230 2nd 1.900 3rd 1.360 4th 1.034 5th 0.848 Reverse 3.000 Final Drive 4.266 Exhaust SystemManifold Tubular steel 4-2, 2-1 downpipe with 1.7" ID collector Cat convertor 2" dia / 17.5" long Cat-back 2" dia piping with centre resonator & rear silencer This post has been promoted to an article
  14. I've owned this VTI-S for about 4 months now here is a little bit of info about it followed by some pictures then my plans at the end. it had a couple of mods already which were:- White speedlines, Red "H" on the grill, H.I.D's 2.5" custom straight through exhaust, Mushroom Filter, it also had a few issues with the:- dent/scratched wing, scratched front bumper and missing headlight sprays, scratched rear bumper, cracked fog lights, pulling to one side, wheels needing a refurb, interior (door cards peeling, hole in carpet, roof sagging) exhaust to loud and thin on the manifold, sunroof (doesn't move backwards only up), grill needs refurb, cracked wing mirrors (both). So far i have done:- changed wing, changed front bumper changed fog lights, Oil and Filter change, Spark plugs, Anti roll bar drop links, changed to Speedline Chrono's refurbed in ford graphite grey and wrapped in Toyo T1R's lowered on Integra suspension, Integra manifold, Changed full exhaust including the teg mani for a full stainless system, Integra Strut brace, Broadway Mirror, De-tango'd Headlights, removed the Air Box Resonator, Put a B16 Airbox on with new Panel filter, Undersealed the arches, under the wings, under the front bumper and under the passenger sideskirt. still a few bits to change that i have in my garage but i have been working on my girlfriends deck aswell as it was MOT time lol! still have a back bumper (rear will also get undersealed when its off) and an aftermarket steering wheel to go on, i've also sourced a full new interior =] still on the lookout for some wing mirrors in pirates black! CURRENT SPEC:- Stainless Manifold, Stainless Decat, ToyoSports Stainless B Pipe and Back Box,Integra Strut Brace,Air box Resonator removed. Dc2 shocks and springs,06/14 Refurbed Speedline Chrono's, 06/14 Toyo T1R tyres. Black Grill with red "H",HID lights,De-Tango'd Headlights,New Fog lights in perfect working order no cracked lenses. 04/14 Top camber arms 04/14 Rear pads and discs 06/14 Anti roll bar drop links 06/14 Beneath front bumper, front wheel arches and Passenger Sideskirt undersealed Pictures:- This is when i put Integra w/ Black Eibach Pro Springs on (too low for me so swapped for standard Integra Suspension)
  15. Well my girlfriend has the Aerodeck VTI and I have the VTI-S, I've started a project thread on mine so thought i would do one from hers seems as though its getting a few bits on it now, bought couple of years ago on about 113k (now on 128k) Work Carried out. Started off needing a release bearing so changed that and the clutch and a service, then it was undersealed, then i bought a VTI front splitter, then the ARB drop links, then i bought a VTI-S lip kit, then someone reversed into it and it got a new door and wing (poorly sprayed), then brake lines front to back, then another service, then front shocks, then tracking, then back box, then manifold and cat, then it got some 15" Fanblades with near new Toyo T1R tyres. Probably missed stuff but will edit later. Next week im picking up a few new parts for it Rear trailing arms with new bushes, JDM rear LCA's, Silver door, Silver wing, Rocker cover, Future Plans OEM DC2 Suspension, Exhaust (currently winning one on ebay, and will be putting my stainless manifold on when i go H2B), Fog Lights (see what plastic alternatives i can fit), Rear passenger arch repair (slight bit of surface rust but still solid and undersealed), Top arms, Removal of resonator box, Service. How i bought it... Then i bought a VTI lip Then I bought a VTI-S lip kit Undersealing! Under the Sideskirts before undersealing! Damn Exhaust! =/ His and Hers New Rocker Cover tracking had to get done New wheels Little one Cleaning the wheels lol Selfie My girlfriend got involved and changed her own wheels (can just see the surface rust which hasn't changed in two years lol but i undersealed the lip and inside) Before and after.
  16. Hi all as mentioned in my newbies thread I've just got back into another aerodeck, however this one being an mc2 as oppose to the old mc1. Here's how I got her from the previous owner. And when I got her back home. Proper filthy but when the weather breaks and I get some free time she will get completely cleaned and detailed everywhere. So far she's got ATR recaros fitted. Also got a spoon n1 replica to go on and a pipercross viper to be fitted as soon as she's cleaned up. Currently running toyo t1r's all round too so she handles beautifully. My first mod done is the remote fob now having xbox 360 buttons as the original rubbers had gone So that's the story to now having owned her for 24 hours haha. My list of plans are as follows Clean everywhere Source the water leak filling the spare wheel well Fix the sticky front windows as they are soooooo slow Fix all dents and scratches. ( she's not going to win any beauty contests like she is at the moment) Service/ poss strip down and replace all seals and gaskets and cam belt, pump etc. re bush everything Adjustable camber arms rear anti roll bar Exhaust system Spoiler extension (will do a how to on this) Eventually go for some more power but undecided on the N/A or forced induction route yet. Thanks for looking guys and girls and if you see me around or are ever up in Rotherham/ Sheffield give us a shout and we can meet.
  17. My Honda Civic MB6 1.8 VTI-S (Modified) Welcome to my pride and joy,this car was built in my garage starting in January 2012 and concluding in July 2013. I've always wanted to build a car from scratch,the bare shell all the way up and this was my opportunity to do it and do it my way. In 2011 I built a Civic VTI (the blue one) pretty much refurbished the whole car but didn't go anywhere near the attention to detail that I've paid on this one. Unfortunately I crashed that car (hence the pics at the start of the album) so from the ashes of that crash I stripped the car and kept all the bits scraping the old chassis. I then purchased a genuine Civic VTI-S from a guy in Salisbury, the car was in fairly good condition with no major damage and ran well - this I thought to my self would be the building block for my plan! Over the next 18 months the car was gutted and the whole chassis and body was rubbed down,re under sealed and prepped ready for paint. All the suspension and brakes where fitted before spraying with all components being carefully removed,re sprayed and re fitted or replaced with new or uprated parts. The vehicle was sprayed championship white, trailer'ed back to my garage and the rest of the rebuild continued..... The album shows a step by step guide to my journey through 2 winters which where not nice to work in! Dozens of cuts scars and self inflicted injure's and a very forgiving and understanding girlfriend to reach what I wanted to achieve. I've loved building her despite all the ups and downs and I'm kinda glad it's now done but with all projects - there never truly finished....... I hope you all enjoy my build thread There are more pictures on the link in the newbies section when i first said hey.... With Special thanks to - Kathy Singer Steven Rumming Baileys Accident Repair Swindon Scorpion Engineering Swindon (Nigel Hannon) Fish Brothers Honda Ebay UK and US The Car • Honda Civic 1.8 VTI-S (Limited Edition) Standard 170 BHP 5 Door MB6 Chassis 5 Speed Manual ABS A/C Removed (no pipes, condensers, wiring etc etc) Rear Wiper And Washer Jet Removed Full VTI-S Front and Rear Bumper Spoilers VTI-S Colour Coded Side Skirts • Purchase Of Vehicle - W-Reg (2000) Honda Civic VTI-S : Price: £1000 Sale date: 22/05/2012 THE CAR WAS COMPLETELY STANDARD WHEN PURCHASED Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire EBay Number - 26102699566 Mileage - 112,000 Miles Underneath of vehicle • Car Completely Stripped Apart Down To Bare Shell. • Re-Seamed All Seems With Car Body Sealer and Sealed Everywhere That Honda Had Missed From Factory. • Rubbed Down All Surface Rust and Treated with Rust Repellent (Kurust) - Primed And Then Sprayed • Under Sealed Whole Underside / Arch’s And Tunnel • Rubbed Down Treated All Usual Rust Prone Area’s (Inner Rear Back Of Arch’s, Lower Front of Rear Arch’s, Etc) • The Following Parts Have Been All Rubbed Down And Sprayed With Hammerite or Primed, Sprayed And Lacquered : Fuel Tank Front Hub Arms Front Sub Frame Rear Trailing Arms Front Anti Roll Bar & Brackets Rear Anti Roll Bar & Brackets Rear Hubs Front Hubs Front Bumper Beam Rear Caliper Covers Every Single Bracket or Mount • Cleaned / Reconditioned All ABS Sensors And Sprayed Covers. • Sand Blasted All 4 Caliper Carriers, Sprayed With Hycote Caliper Paint • Sand Blasted All 4 Calipers And Sprayed With Hycote Caliper Paint Engine • Honda B18C4 ENGINE And GEARBOX (60,000 miles. Covered another 10k by Jan 2013) • 4 Branch 4-1 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - B Series • Custom Built Stainless Steel CAT Back Exhaust System (Bells Silencers, Swindon) • Tegiwa De-Cat Pipe • Integra Type R Cam Shafts (DC2) • SKUNK 2 70mm Throttle Body • Vortex 70mm Throttle Body Spacer - Honda Integra 90-01 B18 • SKUNK2 Pro Series Intake Manifold - Civic/Integra GSR B18C4) • EXEDY Clutch Kit And Release Bearing - Honda Civic 1.8 VTI • FIDANZA Flywheel 3.4kgs - Civic B16 B18 VTI EK9 • Cold Air Induction Kit Honda Civic VTI 1996-2000 • Chrome Engine Brackets,- Civic B18/B16 • Alloy Slim Line Race Radiator - Honda Civic EK EG VTEC 92-00 • Aluminium Radiator Fan Shroud - Honda Integra Type R DC2 • Samco Full Silicone Hose Kit (Red) - Honda B18 B16 • Honda Integra Type R Ultra Ignition Leads - B18C B16A • Goodridge B16 Fuel Line (261086399042) • AVID Billet Steel Engine Mounts - x3 - EG/DC2 B SERIES • AVID Billet Steel Engine Torque mounts x2 - Civic EG EK 92-00 DC2 • Honda Civic Oil Catch Can - B18 D16) • Professionally refurbished Red Rocker Cover Brakes • EBC Turbo Groove Front Brake Discs - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) .. • EBC Turbo Groove Rear Brake Discs - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) • EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) • EBC Green Stuff Front Brake Pads - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) • Goodridge Braided Front And Rear Brake Hose Lines - Honda Integra DC2 . • Integra Type R DC2 Brake Master Servo Stopper Brace Suspension • Full Koni Adjustable Struts And Lowered 40mm Springs • Teqiwa Rear Lower Tie Bar Honda - Integra Type R DC2 • Buddy Club P1 Racing Rear Lower control Arm’s - Honda Civic EG • D2 Racing Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Arm’s - Honda Civic EF EG EK • Buddy Club P1 Racing Front Upper Camber Arm’s - Honda Civic • 933 Motorsport 3 Point Front Tower Strut Bar - Honda Civic EG, • 933 Motorsport Rear 4 Point Tower Strut Bar • Rover MG ZS 180 Rear Anti Roll Bar (25m) • Track Rod Ends (Non Gen) x 2 - (Euro Car Parts) • Front Lower Control Arm’s (Non Gen) x 2 - (Euro Car Parts) • Genuine Honda Rear Trailing Arm Bush’s x 2 • Genuine Honda Front And Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush’s x 2 • Genuine Honda Front Anti Roll Bar Drop Links x2 • MG ZR Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link’s (New) Supplied With Roll Bar • Energy Suspension Gear Shifter Linkage Bushes Interior And Other • MOMO Genuine Honda Steering Wheel - Integra DC2 • Integra Type-R DC2 Recaro Seats • Honda Civic MB5 (not MB6) VTI VTEC VTIS - Bosch - Fog Lights ( much bigger than standard and don’t crack)
  18. So here's my 1st car which is a Honda Civic 1.5i LS Vtec-E MB3 (D15Z8) Its totally standard with full service history, 96'000 miles on the clock and only 2 owners from new! Don't ask how much the insurance cost (Its a lot) lol. I have got some ideas on what to do with the Civic, maybe go for a VTI lookalike. Thanks for viewing!
  19. Bought the car June 2010 near standard apart from the galant alloys and lowered suspension. (both been changed since then) I've done quite alot to the car in that time! and took photo's throughout the process which is still ongoing!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what my VTi looks like at this present moment in time! (JULY 2012) It come along way since i bought her as the photo's below show!!! Click photo to zoom & zoom again for super size! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The List Of Mods So Far Exterior,,, Full VTiS Kit (Front, Rear Lips & Skirts) UpDate Pirates Black MGZS Skirts Custom Mesh Grill (Carbon Wrapped) Carbon Wrapped Bonnet Carbon Centre Section On VTiS Lip Oem VTiS Badge Red Boot H Badge Custom Made Black/Carbon Projector Headlights (8000k Bulbs) Custom Carbon Front Mudflaps SMD LED Strip Sidelights JDM Rear Brake Light Conversion Clear Side Repeaters Tinted Windows (Rears Medium Smoke & Tailgate Medium Smoke) Rear De-Wipered Aero Wiper Blades Shortened Ariel Carbon Wraped Fog Surrounds Ltd Edition Civic5 Sunstrip Sticker Suspention & Handling,,, 40mm lowering springs & New Shocks Brand New MGZS ARB Black OEM Rear Lower TieBar BEAKS Purple Rear Lower TieBar Front Upper Strut Braces (Twin Setup) DC2 Room Brace Rear Upper Brace Tegiwa B-Pillar Harness Brace Brakes,,, M-tec Drilled & Grooved Disks (Front & Rear) EBC Pads All Round Calipers Painted Red Wheels,,, 17 Inch Kosei Concepto M03E Alloy Wheels With 215/40/17 Tyres Engine,,, S/S 4-1 Manifold Super Sprint Decat S/S System S/S Backbox 2.5" Round Tailpipe Password Vtec Soleniod Cover Tegiwa Carbon Fiber Whale Intake ToyoSports Red Square Oil Catch Tank Apexi AFC NEO Custom HKS Candy Purple Rocker Cover Carbon Wrapped Plug Cover Red Silicone Hoses Red Hose/Cable Dressing Magnecor KV85 Red Ignition Leads Denso Iridium Power Spark Plugs Red Polybush Exhaust Mounts Tegiwa Black Reservoir Covers Red Reservoir Covers Interior,,, Accord Type R Recaro's MB/MC Recaro Runners Tegiwa B-Pillar Harness Bar/Brace Apexi AFC NEO (On Apexi Stand) Oem VTiS Gear Knob (Alloy) Oem Integra Type R Mats Full MGZS Carbon Trim (Inc Ash Tray Conversion) Black A Pillars Trims SMD White/Blue LED Interior Light Blue LED Light Clusters MGZS Cup Holder Ice,,, Headunit,,, Pioneer deh-7400mp (Dolphins one) Front Speakers,,, JBL components Rear Speakers,,, Vibe Black Air Kevlar 6x9 3 Way Speakers Amp(s),,, Alpine DC Straight (6X9) JBL (Sub) Sub,,, Kenwood 10" 650Watt & Box Ice Wiring,,, Vibe Audio Slick 4 AWG Gauge 2000W Amp Wiring System Kit & Hi-Def 16AWG Speaker Cable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for looking!!! Any Coments Welcome!!! Photo's below show what the car looked when i bought it! http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0038640x480.jpg http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0037640x480.jpg http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0044640x480.jpg http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0042640x480.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Start My first modifications where to replace the back bumper because the other one was scratched & had a big gouge taken out of it!, so that was done in the first 2 weeks. Then came my new black mesh grill with surround painted in pirates black! Clear side repeaters] were then fitted & got hold of some new honda centre caps, Got some custom made number plates and painted all my calipers in red. All these little mods have made the VTi look so much better!! This had made me relise that it has the potential of looking great after a bit of TLC!!! All photo's taken after a polish and detailing,,,,, ;) Got vid awell!!! aRgqoQTpF7Y http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0099640x480.jpg http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0101640x480.jpg http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h397/paulgknight/IMG_0100640x480.jpg
  20. happy ive found a civic mb forum, been looking for a while, so a few weeks ago i picked up my first civic, its a mb3 so far liking it alot, especially as you dont see loads of mb's around, there not as common as the ej's or ek's. quick spec of the civic d15z8 engine 114bhp cat back with savage 3.5" short back box pipercross cone filter venom ap coilovers rouchly 30mm to go on rear and 10 on the front genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!) smooth boot in satin black relocated rear number plate omp 330 dished steering wheel few bits of stickerbomb inside want to get some rota slipstreams for it, but will have to save up a bit, also want to spray the boot green and put a cold air feed into the corner of the front bumper. this is my first honda after owning vw's for a while so its a nice change. would like to hear peoples thoughts and opinions
  21. You have all probably seen my recent thread, i have a green honda civic mb3, unfortunately i need to sell this as im disabled from a motorcycle accident a year ago, its very difficult for me to get in and out of, not just because its so low but because it has small doors, also need to travel from cumbria to newcastle hospital twice a month so i need a diesel, i absolutely love this thing and if i had the money to run two cars i would, im unsure of how much its worth, as body work isnt 100% dent on top of rear quarter and a dent on the bonnet, there not massive dent but obviously de value it, it has a genuine set of rs recaro fish net seats. drivers has a few tears but thats to be expected from over 25 year old seats! still comfy and on proper civic subframes. omp deep dish steering wheel, also got standard one to, ill just list the rest below, also throw in a few recent pictures, id just like a few opinions of what price rage i should put and if anyones interested just message me thanks alot guys! cat back with savage 3.5" short back box cone filter venom ap coilovers genuine recaro fishnet front seats from a 1981 rs2000 escort running corsa c sxi wheels in gloss black ( please dont hate me haha!) smooth boot in satin black relocated rear number plate omp 330 dished steering wheel few bits of stickerbomb inside
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