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Found 5 results

  1. So possibly a little premature, although I thought i'd begin the thread now So this is what I've commited to buying; Only 78k !!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281233626417?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Providing he doesnt mess me around and its as described, I collect monday evening .. Cannot wait .. First additions will be a new stereo as it has the standard tape player still in! Any suggestions? And wheels will be swapped over .. WIll get a pick up ASAP .. Plus more pic's from when i pick her up on Monday .. Also have an indcuction kit that will fit so will get that on prompto too ..
  2. it's about bloody time, i got this started.... for those who don't know this is the history of the car --->http://www.civic5.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=7121 and as for the last currant post was this on the 8 april 2012. it's taken me 8 month's to start it... :oops: right. bought it from chris, but i think it was the worst kept secret on the forum right photo's... i don't seem to of have the best of luck with her at time's. i had some twat rip the front lip off the car, but thank's to krzys for a replacement i've had th rear number plate go missing in lincoln but i've found that horrible rattle that chris couldn't find.... i'll get i picture of it tommorow, as it's in for mot. (it'll pass, one way or another.. ) now do i shove £20 note's under the brake line's... as a project, i didn't have any really direction to go with her. so i when i got it back to work, i did an oil change and enjoyed her for what she is. as the most epic estate car of all time of course... many people took one look at it and laughted at it..... untill we went for a spin :lol: and then they under stood what it was all about..... and with it having a towbar (rear chassis brace for the non believers ) it's has it use's... towbar mounted bike rack... pulling trailer's.... well i didn't want all that crap in the boot..... i've done a few bit's to it such as mud flap's from weetec. to help reduce the amount of shite up the side of the car... and some sticker's WACK11111 and what not. but i have got plan's for it though.... it has some thing to do with this.... and this... that's all for now, i might up date this once/twice a year though...
  3. Well my girlfriend has the Aerodeck VTI and I have the VTI-S, I've started a project thread on mine so thought i would do one from hers seems as though its getting a few bits on it now, bought couple of years ago on about 113k (now on 128k) Work Carried out. Started off needing a release bearing so changed that and the clutch and a service, then it was undersealed, then i bought a VTI front splitter, then the ARB drop links, then i bought a VTI-S lip kit, then someone reversed into it and it got a new door and wing (poorly sprayed), then brake lines front to back, then another service, then front shocks, then tracking, then back box, then manifold and cat, then it got some 15" Fanblades with near new Toyo T1R tyres. Probably missed stuff but will edit later. Next week im picking up a few new parts for it Rear trailing arms with new bushes, JDM rear LCA's, Silver door, Silver wing, Rocker cover, Future Plans OEM DC2 Suspension, Exhaust (currently winning one on ebay, and will be putting my stainless manifold on when i go H2B), Fog Lights (see what plastic alternatives i can fit), Rear passenger arch repair (slight bit of surface rust but still solid and undersealed), Top arms, Removal of resonator box, Service. How i bought it... Then i bought a VTI lip Then I bought a VTI-S lip kit Undersealing! Under the Sideskirts before undersealing! Damn Exhaust! =/ His and Hers New Rocker Cover tracking had to get done New wheels Little one Cleaning the wheels lol Selfie My girlfriend got involved and changed her own wheels (can just see the surface rust which hasn't changed in two years lol but i undersealed the lip and inside) Before and after.
  4. Hi all as mentioned in my newbies thread I've just got back into another aerodeck, however this one being an mc2 as oppose to the old mc1. Here's how I got her from the previous owner. And when I got her back home. Proper filthy but when the weather breaks and I get some free time she will get completely cleaned and detailed everywhere. So far she's got ATR recaros fitted. Also got a spoon n1 replica to go on and a pipercross viper to be fitted as soon as she's cleaned up. Currently running toyo t1r's all round too so she handles beautifully. My first mod done is the remote fob now having xbox 360 buttons as the original rubbers had gone So that's the story to now having owned her for 24 hours haha. My list of plans are as follows Clean everywhere Source the water leak filling the spare wheel well Fix the sticky front windows as they are soooooo slow Fix all dents and scratches. ( she's not going to win any beauty contests like she is at the moment) Service/ poss strip down and replace all seals and gaskets and cam belt, pump etc. re bush everything Adjustable camber arms rear anti roll bar Exhaust system Spoiler extension (will do a how to on this) Eventually go for some more power but undecided on the N/A or forced induction route yet. Thanks for looking guys and girls and if you see me around or are ever up in Rotherham/ Sheffield give us a shout and we can meet.
  5. I been wanting a Aerodeck spoiler since I got the car but so far no luck and they seem hard to come by! So I'm wondering... do any of you know any other estate cars which have mid spoilers? I cannot think of any right now apart from aftermarket mid-spoilers made for the BMW Touring. Of course, a different spoiler would have to be made to fit... Cheers!
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