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Hello, I've been following this forum for a while but never introduced myself so I think it's about time that I do this :)

My name is Ringo, i'm from Belgium so my Englisch isn't the best but I'll try. I have my aerodeck mc2 now for almost a year.

When I bought him it had 110.000 km. 
This is when I bought him :





My first modification were wheels and h&r lowering springs.



I also changed the oil to mobil1 5w40 and mounted a itr oem airbox. Changed the sparkplugs and installed a cat converter. 


This week I'm gonna change the brake pads to ebc black ones. I also did a big order at all4honda.nl, 

a 5 panel mirror, a sensor for oiltemp and oilpress, a new fuelfilter, a hamp oilfilter, an oilpan gasket, a exhaust header gasket, a few little things and the biggest thing, an invidia g200 catback from a civic coupe/sedan 92-95. 
Also I want to buy a utcomp board computer and install the oil sensors on it. I also bought a vti-s front and back lip wich must be painted in red. I had the chance to buy a secondhanded tegiwa toda rep header wich is almost brand new. When the new updates are installed I'll be posting some new pictures. 


This is a picture of me and hondaprojason when he visited the netherlands : 


edit november 2015 :
these are the mods i've did so far:


itr airbox with k&n filter and cold air feed
tegiwa toda rep. header
srs r60 catback
insane shafts driveshafts
oem itr clucth
act streetlight flywheel
hamp oilfilter
ebc brakepads
h&r coilover kit
rota grid 17x7,5 et45
black lugnuts
pirelli p zero nero 205-40-17
mg zs 18mm swaybar rear
energy suspension front swaybar endlinks bushings
energy suspension gear shift bushings
tegiwa 360 degree shifter extension
tegiwa type r gear knob
5-panel mirror
vti-s lip kit
vti-s spoiler
grill and logo wrapped in matt black
fake air intakes in fog surroundings
headlights tinted in black
white sidemarkers
debadged trunk
new paint on vti-s kit, trunk rear bumper,mirrors, and doorhandles
tegiwa rear tow hook
painted brake calipers red
climair window visors front
short atenna
engine bay
darkicedesigns hoodstruts
password jdm radiator stay
password jdm vtec solenoid cover
tegiwa washers 
tenzo-r battery tiedown
skunk2 plug cover
future mods
utcomp trip computer (working on it)
engine dress-up
window visors rear and roof
window tinting
headlights blackhousing diy
new paint valve cover
skunk2 water hoses
bishimoto water reservoir
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Welcome mate! What a stunning looking deck! Great choice of wheels and the drop in height is nice! Love the look of this one! enjoy the site.

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