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What would you like to do?

Race car?


Low rider?

Rat rod?



Full 90s body kit?

Jdm style?

There are loads of directors to go, have a look at the project threads and you'll see all sorts here.

Lost of custom made parts made by members too!

No shops are MB specific, however they are a lego box of Honda and Rover have a look at our 'most useful list ever' and you'll find a list of all the parts that fit, right from Rover 45 to Honda Nsx!

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What he said.


There's a variety of styles, what do you like? What do you intend to use the car for, road, track (probably not in a 1.4) etc?


With it being an MB2, don't expect to be able to make it more powerful. Just no. You can lose weight and make it handle better, they would be the most cost effective way to going quicker.

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Yoooooo that looks f**king siiiiick fammmm where do I start and btw I just bought 17s? Is that ok for proper cheap too and I've managed to get a spoiler

Personally I think 17's are too big, especially if you want to lower it by more than about 30mm


This is how my old MB6 sat on 17's with a 35mm drop, rear tyres did occasionally scrub



And this is how my old MB2 sat on 15's with a stupid drop




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