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Daves new Daily.....MINI Cooper 2nd Gen

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Been a while since I updated this. Now almost recovered from the heart attack I can confirm that the actual attack was the easy bit! How it affects you/what you can do and how long it takes to get back to normal is the hardest and most frustrating part. But hey ho, I'm nearly there and hoping to start back to work next week. Have also been restricted to what I can do on the cars since it happened but finally getting back to almost normal on that front too. Just takes me a bit longer than it used to!

So, not a lot been happening in Carly's world apart from her daily duties. Has been driving great, no probs. Today, had her in for the dreaded MOT..............................which she passed again with flying colours. Not even a single advisory. MOT guy also commented that she was really really clean, perfect wee car.


Really pleased! Had thought about maybe trading her in as I've had her over 3 years now (I think) but as she's had such a clean bill of health we'll be keeping wee Carly!

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