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1999 V Reg MB6 VTi for sale

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15yrs ago today, I bought "Vanessa", my 1999 Pirate's Black MB6 VTi.  She is currently displaying 133k+ of mileage, just over 67k of that has been done by me over the time I have owned her.


I awaited for this anniversary moment to come around before I chose to take the step I am now taking here before you now.


It is with a heavy heart that I reluctantly today announce that I am now selling "Vanessa".  This is an unhappy time for me now to do this, but I can't help but feel the time for me to move on has come.

The reason I am selling her is she's becoming a classic in her own right, as all of our Mk6 Civics are.  She's starting to show the signs of being an older car, and with the fact I cannot garage her, I think she's deserving of being given the chance of proper preservation and refurbishment in a manner that I do not have the space or time to give her.


She's been my every day trusted workhorse for all this time, and she's never let me down.  She turns on the key no problem every time, even after sitting for weeks without being used.  I have complete trust in her reliability, so much so that I wouldn't hesitate to drive her from Rugby to my parents house in Edinburgh tomorrow if the need arose.  She's complete, and as original as she was the way I bought her on May 20th 2004, save for maintenance and repair replacements along the way.  Coming from a classic car owning background, I know that original is best, as it is what most people want to see from a car the older it gets, especially if they're in view of purchasing it!


Everything on her also works.  You name it; it works.


The things notably needing attention, are mostly cosmetic, like surface rust and bubbling paint in a couple of locations, but there are a couple of more in depth requirements to get her up to mark:


1. She's in need of a new windscreen (the current one has a crack in it, but it is not an MOT failure at the current state.  I know this, because she's been through her previous MOT in 2018 with this crack in place and it wasn't even given advisory notice.)

2. During March, when I was jacking her up for some inspection underneath, the nearside rear jacking point tore away at the sill, leaving a rusted hole behind.  This is now in need of being welded to make good again.  Currently, in this state, this will most likely will be an MOT failure.  Her MOT expires on September 12th 2019.


It was due to this latest development which got me thinking that perhaps it was time for me to move on, but also due to certain components becoming harder to get a hold of for these cars, I am now thinking that she is getting into classic car ownership territory, and also a bit of an ongoing road worthy project.  I am not against such efforts, but the truth is, I already have two other cars which are deemed classics, and this leads me to neither having the space or the time for a third project, especially considering I'd have no choice but to keep her outside.


I have lots of photos of "Vanessa" which have been taken over the past couple of weeks, although I've only attached a few of these here due to limitations of space and time to upload all at once, so if there is any other photos anyone would like to see, you only need ask, and I can post further pictures up here to order.


Being such a long time owner of the vehicle, I have an extensive history recorded against her 15 year long time with me which takes the form of receipts and spreadsheet records showing what was done, when, and with what parts and at what mileage etc.  I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible in keeping my records, since I'm used to thinking this way with being in the classic car owning realm for many years.  I also have a small stock of spare parts which I've bought over the years.  Some of these I am willing to throw in with the sale.  Others I will be selling separately over time unless an agreement comes through for these to be purchased along with the car.


I am advertising here because with other like minded enthusiasts of these cars being here, my hope is that "Vanessa" will find herself in a good home and go on to prosper into the future instead of being taken apart for her material parts.  I love the thought of finding myself at a classic car show in the future and bumping into her again, displayed in all her original glory rather than her just being another MB6 which has been disassembled and scrapped.  I can only hope and wish.


Here's a small sample of some of the more major service descriptions for "Vanessa" over the past number of years:


Cam/timing belt changed twice under my ownership
New thermostat fitted
All four shock absorbers replaced
Gearbox overhaul, reconditioned with a few new bearings and driveshafts etc
Track rod ends replaced
Complete new clutch components, including disc, pressure plate, release and pilot bearings
Front and rear stabiliser drop down links replaced as well as trailing arm bushes
Upper control arms on front suspension replaced
New engine radiator fitted
New mid section exhaust with silencer fitted ("Vanessa" has a stainless PowerFlow backbox, which produces a nice subtle rumble exhaust note)


"Vanessa" has always been serviced with quality parts including engine oil, regular clutch and brake fluid replacements and filters.  She has four very good conditioned tyres on her, still with plenty of tread remaining on each.  Good to go for years yet.


On top of servicing, "Vanessa" has always been fed with high octane super fuel rather than premium unleaded.  Better mpg, and continual condition of engine running as a result.  Since I began my fuel log records in January 2012, she's averaged 32.23mpg, which is an average of £0.18 per mile.


I am looking for £2,000 for "Vanessa" in her current condition.  If she doesn't sell, then I will be getting the welding done myself, but of course then I will be looking for more when it comes to re-advertising.  Personally, I think there is a lot of car here and accompanying history to go along with her for the money I am asking.


I think she's a great example of a potential future classic VTi.  I hope you agree.


Now on to some photos...







































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Nice project for someone mate. Glws


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Hello Matt and Jay.


My apologies to Matt for not answering quicker.  I never got, or missed the notification that you had enquired.


Vanessa is still up for sale.

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2 hours ago, jaymb6 said:

Hi mate ive pmd you 


Hi Jay,


I have replied.



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Such a nice car here, wish I had the money right now! Exactly what I’d be looking for. I hope to one day be able to get one that has been looked after as well as this one. :)

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Just to let people know, I've now put Vanessa up for sale on Ebay now.  The minimum reserve is set to £1500.  This is due to realisation that the nearside sill is in worse condition than previously appreciated.  I removed the plastic sill trim and dug out all the loose material and updated the photos accordingly.

This is still a great car, and can go on to lead a continued happy and reliable existence with the correct attention.


I can afford to have it fixed if I want, but i'm torn between doing it (considering I already have other cars that need attention and having to keep it outside), or letting someone else take it on instead, hopefully with the interest in reviving it, and keeping it preserved.  There's no point in me having it fixed, to then continue to sell it, considering I have no idea what someone else's intentions would be for it.  If i had it fixed, it would be for keeping it.


The Ebay ad has a broken dropbox link at the bottom.  Piece it together with no spaces and you'll have access to a folder containing over 40 photos including the updated photos of the sill.  I'm hoping the price helps fight off the breakers who just want to strip the car and export the engine abroad.  There's already evidence from my side that breakers are bidding on it right now. 


I really hate the idea of my carefully looked after car being stripped down and broken, disregarding all the years of me carefully looking after it and making it a complete car as it now stands and keeping the paperwork history all updated and complete for the past 15yrs.


If I'd have known the sill was going this way, I would have been able to do something to prevent it, but the truth is I had no clue.  I was using the jacking points every year no problem at all until February!  Amazing the strength in the sill kept going no problem for jacking, and then only about 4 months later it had lost its strength and tore open.

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Not good news mate, but it’s 100% the worst spot for rust on these, not sure if I said but I recently had a jacking point repaired and only cost me around £120-£130.


Are you going to try upload the pictures of the sill here? If not I’ll try check out the eBay listing.


Totally agree with you not letting this go for cheap, even at that price people will be looking to buy it, remove engine and scrap the rest. Don’t care about condition or keeping it alive! Even when you try to buy things from breakers, they barely care unless you’re after engine etc. 

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Shame it's gone well hasn't it. Rimmer bros are having a big clearance sale and you can buy the mg and rover parts. Could replace all that sill rather than patch up with plates. Would be spot on then.

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Ebay is a very tricky thing.  I have no knoweldge of who is bidding on the car, or what their intentions are with it.  Only sometimes you can take a guess and surmise what their intentions are according to their own listings, or their name.  For instance, i've had a bid by someone calling themselves "TheEngineExporter" or something like that.  I think we can pretty much guess what would happen if they win the car!


I've had umpteen people PM me saying things along the lines of "don't sell it mate!"  "Especially don't sell it to a dealer or a breaker!"  Some are genuine I'm sure but then on a couple of occasions some add "Lets do a deal ;-)"


What sort of a deal?

Me give you the car for free, or for ridiculously cheap?! 


To save the car? 

Who are you by the way?

What is your intentions?

How can i trust you?


Ultimately, what's stopping you telling me anything you think i want to hear, just to get your hands on the car.....and then you do whatever you want with it anyway, and probably call me chump in the process because you've "made a killing" or whatever on my car after obtaining it through immoral deceit.

When i've stopped responding to these people, that's when they show their true colours by starting to throw abuse at me.  It's really not called for or necessary.


So there's no point in me doing any deal with anyone.  The car is worth what it's worth and it's up to someone to buy it for that.  The market will tell me what it's worth in comparison to what I think it's worth (which for me includes its potential due to the accompanying history of paperwork etc, which of course is more than what it's worth scrapped and pulled apart just for the engine or whatever).


I've never sold anything on Ebay before.  I'm so fed up with it already.  For days it's been constant messages from people all saying the same stuff one after the other:


"what will you take for the car mate?"


"If i offer you <add £ value here>, can i collect it today/tomorrow?"


It's an auction!  You bid on it what you think the car is worth to YOU.  Not see what you can get away with without giving other potential interested parties a fair whack at the stick!


I have until 10am on Sunday morning to cancel the auction.  But what then?  I suspect most activity would happen in the auction in the last 5 minutes, which is usually the case.  If i cancel it, i'll not see the end results.  If i let it continue, i am powerless to defend the car from dealers and breakers.  It makes me feel sick.  I've been feeling quite unwell over all this for months, but more so since i put this auction online.

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I'd just ignore the messages. Let it run its course. 

I assume there's a reserve on it?

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Ebay is full of tossers and idiots mate. My friend recently decided to sell him beloved 1971 mk3 Ford Cortina. Car looks stunning, and worth around 7grand. He only wanted 5grand for it so set that as the reserve. So many muppets msging him like they did you, saying "I'll give you £2000 cash and take it away today" etc. Auction ended and didnt make reserve. It wasnt that far off the reserve, but the shole thing poked him off so much he didnt feel like contacting the highest bidder. There are a few genuine buyers on there, but the amount is outweighed by the tossers im afraid. Really hope Vanessa goes to someone who will restore her.

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13 hours ago, Dave said:

Really hope Vanessa goes to someone who will restore her.


Dave, I hope so too.  Truly i do.


You know i'm coming from a classic car background, and i know what i'm talking about with how classic cars go, with owning the DeLorean and what not.


All i can say is that of the few of these cars that may remain in however many years time, whether it be 10-15 or 20 years, eventually achieving their classic car status, it'll be the ones with paperwork history behind them which are also still prime examples of "stock" (unmodified and unmolested) as they were from the factory which will be the most valued and possibly valuable.  In later years, people appreciate nostalgia and originality over personalised modified examples.


My car is that.  Right now.  If it can be brought back up to par, but also kept original; with the accompanying paperwork i have for it, then the potential is there right now for it to be one of the few appreciated examples of that rare "stock" status.  Something which is going to amaze people in years to come because of the associated difficulty these cars have in surviving or avoiding falling into the hands of the butchers who want to tear them apart and modifiers always turning them into something out of the fast and the furious or whatever.

They have to survive a certain generation of car enthusiast to be recognised for what they were in years to come.


You know, i had someone on Ebay ask me a technical question about these cars (because he bought one himself earlier in the year from Ebay), probably because he could see i have years of experience in owning one myself.  He asked if it was normal that these cars drink lots of oil because his did and I think he was getting fed up with it.  I said "absolutely not.  This is a sign of the car being ragged and not serviced or maintained properly".  I've noticed a few adverts for these cars over the years, and read people claiming that the car they were selling "drinks a bit of oil, but that is normal for the marque".  No it's not normal.  It's absolutely not normal.  The car is Japanese engineered!  Do you really think they'd let that go through their design house if it did that!?  No.  My car doesn't drink oil of any sort.  It's a very dry car and always has been.  Only now after 20years and over 133k miles is the gasket around the oil sump starting to look a little bit wet.  But it's never dripped, or even been close to it.  Not once.


Anyway, let see how it goes.

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Totally get that mate. Ruby (even now as far as I know) never used any oil, neither does DD. As long as they are maintained properly, they rarely ever go wrong. Just how the design house intended.

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If it doesn't sell on ebay, and you'd be interested in p/x / swap with an FK3, drop me a message. Dying to get back in an MB. 

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9 hours ago, MB3Matt said:

If it doesn't sell on ebay, and you'd be interested in p/x / swap with an FK3, drop me a message. Dying to get back in an MB. 




im not interested in part exchanges.  I'm not lacking in cars here. After Vanessa is gone, I'll still have three cars.  That's my problem and why my time and space is stretched.  I'd urge you to put a bid in if you're interested.


MB6 VTi's, especially unmolested and "stock" original and complete examples (save for the alloy colour and white side markers both of which I still have the originals from the car) are dying out like the White Rhino now.


This is why, in my opinion, examples like mine, and the other on Autotrader for £4,995, will become rare collectors which will hold a premium amongst car enthusiasts.


Using my DeLorean experience as an example.  It's always "stock" original examples which people want.  "As it came off the production line".  A friend of mine sells them for a living.  So he knows what people look for.  It's the same with any other car.

Any car worth a proper amount of noteriaty and value which you read about.  They're always reminants of their historical brothers and sisters as if no time has passed for them

at all.

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The thing is that one at £4995 has been for sale an age, It started off at nearly 10k 


I do think there will be a following, But at the min, the engine seem to be worth more than the cars


I hope it does go to someone that can do the work, Chris is a really really genunie guy, You can tell just by speaking to him, Also you can tell that this car has been loved

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Well folks, i'm still here.  seeya.gif1  So is Vanessa.  :grin:  As of this morning, she's back on the road and fighting fit with both sills now completely, and very professionally repaired to a high quality standard (the offside got attention too, so that it didn't go the same way as the nearside had already gone).  Flew through her MOT as soon as the welding was done.  Spent some time on her on and off over the last number of weeks (mostly weekends when weather permitted) doing lots of finishing of work around the sills including painting up, waxoyling and undersealing.  Very pleased with the results.  She'll be good again for another term now.  I'm back in her giving her a well deserved driving around to work and back now, since she's sat around since May - not that you can tell, because she still starts perfectly and runs beautifully despite sitting around for a long period of time.


The ebay saga was a sad and pathetic one.  The car didn't sell in the end.  I had nothing but rude and deceitful people wasting my time, trying to run down the clock so i would be stuck in a position where I had to sell the car for cheap without a valid MOT.  They just wanted to buy the car cheap, and rip it apart for the engine etc.  That was never gonna happen on my clock.  I wouldn't allow it.  So they wasted my time, but mostly their own.  Ebay saw what was going on too, so in the end they didn't even charge me for the advert i had up for a while.  I'll never attempt sell anything on ebay again - especially a car.


So truthful to my word, I got the car repaired and got a new MOT on her (no problems at all, no advisories).  It cost me a bit, but the car is worth it in my opinion, and I could afford to have it done, as I said before.  It's only money.  They print more of it every day.  Truth be known, the garage I got the work done on the car at even had two lots of people wanting my details so they could offer me money for the car.  My guy asked them for what purpose and how much, but when it came to the point that it was obvious they wanted it cheap, and probably to take apart, like everyone else seems to want to; he told them to jog on, as this car was "too good for that", and considering I was paying out more than they were willing to pay for it, just to get it repaired, there's no way i'd sell it to them.  He basically said "this isn't the car for you".  Very pleased about that when i heard.


If anyone's interested in seeing pictures of the work carried out, i'd be more than happy to upload what i've taken.  Like everything else on this car, i've documented the work carried out.


However, again, true to my word, i'm just completing this thread, not continuing it.  So with that in mind, please note that Vanessa is not for sale any more.  I committed my time, effort and money into her again, so it doesn't make sense for me to sell her now.......at least for the time-being.  So for now, i'm still part of the club!  8-)applause.gif1


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Really glad she didn't sell mate (I know, that sounds bad!) and even more glad you got the work done! Now she has a chance of a very long and happy future. I'm back driving DD as a daily driver (much as I didnt want her on the road full time) and have to say I'm happy being back behind the wheel on a Civic M. Kinda feels like I didnt really have one when she was only doing at most 600 miles a year to shows and wee runs. Spent most of her time under her cover in the garage!


Deffo get them photos uploaded here mate! Will be quite a few here glad that Vanessa's staying in the club! :ohyeees:

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Car looks great buddy, best interior I have seen spot on, I have had 2 MB6 now and not letting my new one go

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Agreed. I've had few mb/MC over the years. I'm hanging onto mine now too. 

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Another endorsement for you keeping Vanessa running from me too.. I visited mine at the welders yesterday... She's just about to get loads of welding done to the underside of the chassis, then all cleaned up and undersealed. 

Hope to keep her for another 14 years (plus) 

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