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Rear disc shields ?



In the process of refurbing the rear brakes discovered that the (dust ?) shields were in a pretty bad state. Corroded but holding one side, almost falling off the other. That one, after leaning on it, did come off.

Seem to be difficult to find (and Honda only have one side at over 40 quid) and to replace will prob have to remove hub/bearing. Securing bolt heads are badly corroded and no doubt threads will be seized - bolt snaps, then have to tap them out .

Questions are - do people just leave the shields off in this case (apparently in the States/Canada, they do), and if so could it be an MOT fail over here ?

If I do try to put them back on, is there any firm doing them for a reasonable price ?

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Great find ! Thanks ….

Notice that Rimmer Bros also still has one side (RH) of the rear caliper shields but a bit more pricey at £28.20

They also still have the front disc shields (part no. SEC000100) at £34.20 each.



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