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Hi there i am looking for some side skirts for my Honda civic MB3, preferebly the MG Zs ones.

Also looking for the rear bumper lip if anyone has one.


All parts have to be shipped to Portugal, i would love to find this parts cause in Portugal the MG zs model is extremely rare looks like!



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Hi, thanks for the reply,but i cant understand if there are various models of these MG ZS side skirts or not, i have seen others with some curve on ebay saying MG ZS, will this fit too? i believe the ones you posted are almost just like oem civic ones colour coded.



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On 6/25/2020 at 7:30 AM, KiNK43 said:

Yes I see what you mean. Must be different types as you say

Hi, so the ones i posted the link for will fit?

By any chance is there a way to know which years  of the rover work on our Honda´s?

this is what says in the description of compatibility:

Model: Rover 45 // MG ZS

Year: 2001 - 2006

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I can confirm the zs sideskirts will fit..

I bought some recently just need sprayed before i fit them.


But like you said above go for the deeper and curved ones, the others are just standard ones colour coded.


Also, not 100% sure on this but i think there might be a slight variation on mk2 facelift zs models from 2005.

Just get some off a mk1 2001-2004 to be safe unless you can go view mk2 ones and pull your standard ones off to compare the fitting clips/holes behind them.



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