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Car of the Month suspended until further notice

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Hi guys


After viewing the number of entries and interest the competition has been getting the past 2 months (down to 1 car entered in the last one) we are unfortunately suspending the COTM competition of Civic5 until further notice.


Maybe if things pick up again in the forum it will be back but until then we don't have enough interest in it.


Thank you to all members who took part in the competitions we did have, from entering a car (even your own) to posting in the comp and voting. You are what keeps this site and club going. And congrats to all members whose civics won! Some of the very best civic M's in the world. 


Keep working on those cars guys and keeping them looking stunning, and please keep sharing your pride and joy (or even just daily runner) with us.





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Yeah, I think that it was good to bring it back when it did, as it did help generate a bit of interest bringing some folk back from face ache, and there had been some new cars.


I guess that like everything, lockdown has slowed things down with people's cars as well.


Oh, and Facebook is w**k. 

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Yeah, was nice to see some of our newer members cars too as well as some of the cars from our long term members. Hopefully things will pick up again so we can re-open the competition.Think once we eventually come out of lockdown, it would be great to get some meets on the go again. There's a whole load of Civic M's I want to see in the metal!!


And you're right, FB is crap! Did have a look at our page to see if we could make it a viable place to run Civic5 on but there's just no way to structure it. Least here it's easy to find/search what you need.seeya.gif1

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On 8/6/2020 at 10:53 PM, KiNK43 said:

Shame. Forums quietish nowadays. I prefer this format than using Facebook for example. I'm getting old.

Lol haha, welcome to our world Jake! Just wait till you hit 50 like me!! It's an eye opener when you try and do jobs that you could do easily before only to find, crap, my hands don't work the same. Then there the "how the hell do I get back out from under the car!!! lmao :-D


Good to see that members still find this an easier place to navigate round and chill out in8-)

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