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Slight changes to the forum

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Hi guys,


just a quick post to say we've been tidying up the forum a little so you may notice a couple of changes or three. We have removed the traders section as they were basically like a ghost town and there had been issues with one or two of them so have removed them for now. Their actual trader forums are still there, but are hidden from view for the time being. None were offering any discounts to our members or special deals so didn't see the point in them getting free advertising.

We've added a new sectio to the Commerce bit (for sale and wanted) which is for any civic M cars or parts you see for sale on other sites that you think our members might be interested in. it could be your own parts or car listing on ebay or one you've found.

We've also added a few forum category images that were missing so it looks a bit better.

we've moved a lot of the info that was down the bottom of the forum to the side bar now, leaving the bottom of the forum free for our new latest topics feed so you can see at an instant any new topics that have been started.


For the Civic5 Team, I've removed some of our sub forums from the team room as they were basically just there for legacy. The Team Room itself has been moved into the latest news section as it made more sense for it to be there rather than taking up space in its own section.


Just wee changes but hopefully they'll make a difference to using the forum. I'm looking into the possibility of the home page being more like  a blog page, kinda more like FB layout. Not sure how that will look, if its pants it won't be implimented!


Would like to hear any suggestions members have on ways they think would make civic5 better, so just post in here and let us hear what you think.



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