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Hi Guys

We have just renewed the license for the forum software and installed a massive upgrade/update, Our current civic5 theme isn't compatible with the new version of forum, so we are currently rebuilding it. It may take a bit of time.


You will notice some changes and some new buttons on the editor when making a post. There will be other enhancements to come.


We apologise for any disruption to your use of the forum and will have everything working smoothly soon. As with any update, if you fins any bugs/glitches please let us know here.



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One of the new additions to the forum since the upgrade is the info panel to the right in your topics. Give a little insight into posts, how popular your topic is, photos in the topic etc. I've took a little screenshot or two to show what we mean.





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We have almost finished rebuilding the forum theme, just a couple of bits to do and we're good. The Theme has had a couple of little tweaks too, just to make it a bit easier on the eyes. Hope you like.

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Forum update complete folks! There are quite a few new additions to the latest forum software as you will find when browsing. Here's a brief overview:

In your project topics for your car you should now see (if on a laptop/pc/tablet) a new info pane to the right of the screen at the top. This shows stats for your topic, such as how long since it was started (handy for knowing how long you've owned the car), to how many posts, how many replies, time since last reply, last members to post on your topic (and a wee bit of info on them such as how many posts they have etc), The latest posts made in your topic, and a brief info of photos posted to it. See below.

Screenshot 1.png

If viewing from your mobile phone, this info is still included, and appears at the bottom of your topic.


You'll also notice when reading through your topic/other topics, there's a line across it then either  the day since posted to and then another line which shows any unread posts made to the topic you haven't seen.


The updates have also made the forum appear much slicker in design, and more modern.

Posting: there are also more buttons available on your editor when creating a post/reply, including cut/paste buttons, Font type, font size, text background colour etc.


The latest platform also is the most secure forum version there is, keeping you safe while using the forum.


We have also made a slight change to the server, upgrading the php version, so the forum also now runs very quick and very smoothly.


Another new feature is the themes. We have recreated the original CIVIC5 theme (Civic5 Red), but have also created a whole lot more colour versions so you can choose which version suits you best. Currently we have CIVIC5 Red, CIVIC5 Blue, CIVIC5 Green and CIVIC5 Purple. All are based on a light version, although there will be dark versions of the theme to follow.


There are also more easy to access options for sharing any of your forum content to other social media sites, making the job of keeping your social media pages up to date with what you've been doing to your car in the forum.


We hope you enjoy the new look and features, and as always, love to hear your views on things and any things you'd like to see added that isn't there already. We try to incorporate any ideas you bring, so feel free to let us know.


Dave & the Team

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Yes mate, deffo loads a lot quicker now with the new software. I changed the php version we were using too so that's helping a lot. What does everyone think of the themes? Any favourites? I was using the civic5 red which is a tak on our original theme, but switched for to the blue for a change. Must say I'm liking the blue the best now! lol


Any ideas for others or any changes you'd like to see?

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