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68,000 Mile Silver 1998 MB 1.5 VTEC on ebay


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Another suggested ebay listed car that is not suitable for the London low emissions zone. Not my car, and I have no connection with the seller. 


Silver 1998 1.5 VTEC MB. Has a few scrapes on the bodywork but the interior looks tidy. Low mileage at 68,000.


May be of interest to someone here?




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See thats nuts that that car doesnt qualify for the ulez as its probably more fuel efficient (therefor more environmentally friendly) than most modern/new cars! Poor cars like this are going to end up scrapped because of these stupid new ULEZ's that are being forced on us.


The 1.5 vtec-e was one of the best civics ever made. Mega excellent mpg and still a quick car! I'd have this one!

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It's a pain that it's done with a cut off by date registered. Anything registered before 1st March 2001 is non-compliant.


Apparently that is the date that most car makers started to comply with the Euro 4 emissions standard for petrols. This apparently became compulsory in 2006.


The auction already has 21 bids with five days still left to run, so it looks like it will survive for a few more years.



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