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Hi guys! Just got my oem bbig foglights.. my deck didn't have any so have to change the switch. But one set of wires was cutout can you guys help me find out where does the cut wires go? And will i need a separate foglight relay or controller?



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Hi Tony,


There are 3 separate harnesses for the OEM foglights. One in the dashfrom the switch to fusebox/harness number 2, Harness number 2 which goes from bulkhead to just behind drivers side headlight, then harness 3 which goes from behind headlight to the fogs themselves. there is a relay you will also need which is fitted either on the interior fusebox or near it, can't quite remember which! DD had them fitted by Honda at the dealership after we bought her. I did however retro fit oem fogs to my first Civic M, my MA8, so thats how I found out what is needed. It is a bit of a pain to fit, but is worth it for that OEM look.

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