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Tomorrow off to honda to to see about getting pin boots for my rear caliper (servicable items) so they should have them! :D & might ask about how much it is to get valve clearance done! as been waiting to do it for a while! ;);)

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Today aswell i've had me foggy off cause one buld is blown + since i've had hids i don't use them cause they shine yellow! so,,, off to get some blue/white ones so should all match after! :D:D:D

One screw rounded on each lamp but managed to still get the bulds out JUST!!! ;)


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what bulbs did you get paul?

I strongly recomend piaa plasma's. I've them in mine and they are very white and very bright

Wicked mate,,, i bought for now,, just Hafruds Advanced Extreme Brilliance Bulbs! (bit of a mouthfull :lol: ) these are pure white like my hids both just with a hint of blue! :D:D:D

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All bulbs are in and sorted! ;) looks alot better now as they all match! :D:D:D

Day Time Shots,,,



Night Time Shots,,, (with just side lights on) hid's to much for the camera



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