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For sale. Unicyclingtom's Mint VTi Deck MC2 (the curse of the Honda handbrake)


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Here is my Cascade Green Pearl coloured VTi deck as I brought it, with full Honda History and only 58k


First 'Mod' I have done, (if you can call it a Mod) was to get a full Thule roof rack system capable of carrying my family's collection of mountain bikes. I brought Thule Aero bars and the foot pack together with 4x Thule Pro ride cycle carriers

Oh and a dog guard!!


I have also upgraded the tyres from Budget to something with a little more grip and now have Khumo Ecsta Sports all round and haven't had a problem with them yet. ;)

Planned/completed/future modifications:
Fix the fans- Done 14/3/12
De Chrome- Done! Re-Done in Carbon 09/11/12 :mrgreen:
New exhaust- Done 31/12/11 4-1 manifold and de cat Done 27/06/12 Sports cat
sports cat teplaced 7/5/15
16/02/13 Exhaust fixed under guarantee 22/06/12 New Centre Box under guarantee 14/10/14 New 4-2-1 manifold fitted 15/04/14
MGZS Suspension bits!- Done 21/04/12 ARB done 17/06/12
Lenso sc04 samurai in bronze. 17x7et40- On 8/7/12
MG ZS Side repeaters- Done 18/10/12
Teg type R air box- Done 09/12/12
K&N filter for the above 22/3/14
Cold Air feed- Done 23/12/12
Neo Chrome Wheel Nuts 5/3/13
Neo Chrome Beaks Lower Rear Tie Bar 6/3/13. Fitted 24/3/14
Cyber speed LCA'S fitted 24/3/14
JDM Rear light conversion- 16/5/13
Noodles Super forks- Done 23/12/12
New groved black edition brake discs and new pads - 29/6/13
Kumho le sport tyres fitted all round 8/8/13 at 89,000 fronts replaced at 103k

Replaced with cheap budget tyres 24/4/16 at 114k
Pressed metal numberplates 29/3/14
OEM dog guard fitted. 9/11/13
Magnecore Leads fitted. 29/3/14
Hel Purple braided brake hoses fitted 1/5/14
full MOTUL fluids completed 1/5/14
Wind deflectors
Custom Projector Headlights, with HIDs 11/5/14
Day time running lights 14/2/15 broken and disconnected 21/4/16

Custom sub woofer box (not fitted) 10/5/14
Halo side lights 14/3/15
Last service- 114k 23/4/16 oil, oil filter and sparkplugs

Watch this space!!


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Nice Deck , very similar in number plate as mine. Great low mileage too. Every time I look , and its often, I cant see a deck with less than 100,000 miles on.

It's getting there now, after just over a year of motoring I've hit 74k, but now no longer doing commuting.

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Stunning deck! I normally dont like green cars (dont like the bakhal green or whatever its called lol) but ive always liked that mint green on M's. Love the low miles too! :D Mines is catching up with you, onto 64.000 now :( Can still remember it having 38 thou on it, felt like a brand new car lol :lol:

Keep up the good work mate!

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