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MeisterR SRV Test Day @ Silverstone Arena GP Video

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A short video of a lap around the full Formula 1 Silverstone Arena GP Circuit in the MeisterR R32 GTR. Not the fastest lap time but it was a track-day so passing is straightly limited by consent.

It was a quick test to see how well the new SRV coilovers will respond to fast track work, and what better place to test than the full Formula 1 circuit at the "Home of the British Grand Prix."

A drama free day with the SRV suspension working very well.

The SRV provided a comfortable 2 hours drive on the motorway to the circuit and stable dynamic at the limit on the track; even for an amateur driver like myself. :)

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How does the speed adjustment work then?

It doesn't adjust to the speed of the car, but the damper react differently at different input speed.

In another word... when you are driving on the motorway, driving through bumpy country roads, or hitting a big speed bumps; The damper will react differently to the input speed and different result.

It is design into how the piston and its assembly work. :)

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