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Well, here's the build up of my first MB6. Only had her 5 days and already i'm in love with her!!! lol Oh, and she's been officially named Ruby! Goes with her Ruby red paint (ok, I know it's sicillian red!! :P ) I'm no stranger to M's have had my MA8 civic (blue Betty!) for around 5 years!
Right, heres the info on her when I got her.
1998 S-reg
sicillian read pearl
39,000 miles
Full service history, 2 owners from new (Honda being the first, up to 6,000 miles, then the owner I bought her from at 38,500 miles)
standard appart from A/M remote alarm imobiliser with ultrasonics (NOW REPLACED WITH NEW UPGRADED CAT 1 SYSTEM), detachable towbar (proper one from Honda :o , which will be coming off!)
My Plan is to make her a VTiS replica, but in met red, instead of pirates black.

So here she is
This was on the way home at some motorway services (I spy Dawns aerodeck in the background! 8-) )

First mod was to ditch the orange side indicators for nice clear ones

Next, it was onto the interior. She's spotless inside, but still gona give her a good clean, so heres how she looks now....I'll post up another once she's been fully valeted

The one part of the interior that I wanted to change asap was the stereo! Was a pioneer good bit of kit in it's day, but i like me Cd's and MP3's so out it came

and in its place, my Pioneer mp3 head unit (keeping it kinda oem, as it's still a pioneer ;) )

And thats all the mods so far...........but there will be more to come. She's getting a full VTI-S body kit, VTI-S alloys (early style ones) poss tints, and a few other bits and bobs. Heres some pics of how she looks now after a wash!
Smoked side indicators
Pioneer MP3 head unit (iPod compatible) (UPDATE: Now Alpine CDE9850Ri CD/MP3 with full iPod control)(Update again, now got a new Pioneer DAB/CD/USB head unit!)
Powerflow Stainless steel exhaust (cat back)
VTiS lip kit (side skirts still to be fitted)
VTiS floor mats
VTiS gearknob
VTiS Speedline chrono alloys fully refurbed and powder coated in white 8-) )
TypeR Gear gator with red stitching

Full leather (from ES model) fitted, along with the black door cards
Honda horn (peep peep) removed, replaced  air horns

Lowered on Full MeisterR Zeta S coilover suspension

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Nice Dave - congrats on the purchase. I would get rid of those rear arch rubbers. God knows they are holding nearly 11 years of dirt and crap. Perfect receipe for rust. I removed mines the day I got the car and wash the arches each time i wash the car.

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Wow, look at the state of the calipers- and the wheels! Crazy - wonder what you would pay for a DC2/ EK9 in this condition. Nice one Dave!

When you going to swap in the full leather interior then? ;)

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lol, I did initially think about the ful leather, but tbh, the current seats are so comfy, and they hug in the right places when needed, I'm just gonna keep them for now. If they start to wear (as they always do) i'll either get the leather int from the ES, or put the interior in for a leather retrim.......black bolsters/dark red middles 8-)

Still planning what mods she'll be getting. Thinking about the grill (which I'll get from accessoryzone) hid kit (again accessoryzone) the full vti-s lip kit for deffinate, and maybes a change of alloys. will keep the current ones tho as theyre mint! 8-) Once its needed, the brake discs will be changed for EBC discs all round.Stainless exhaust if I can get one made thats got the near enough the same noise levels as standard one has. Induction kit,engine bay hose kit (samco). Engine will be staying standard, as it's plenty fast enough as it is for what i need anyways.

Will uprate the speakers at some point too, and possible light tint for windows. All the mods will be quite subtle ;)

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