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Our new Civic5 show stand banner


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Hi guys. We have been meaning to get a proper show stand flag for our stands at the various shows we attend, to make the stand easily identifiable and promote the club. Well, it is now ordered and is being made as we speak. We've gone for a decent sized one, approx 4 metres tall. Also ordered is the "drive on" base, which sits under the car tyre making the flag safe from blowing away/causing a hazard.

It's cost a fair whack, but know it's money well spent as it will make our club and stand look so much more professional, and will show us a firmly established club. The good news is they are going to get it to us in time for the show (Japfest 2) at Donnington so the stand will be looking tops!


We hope you like the banner, and watch out for it at any shows you're at that the club is attending. Mind and pop in for a chat!

The banner also features our new badge/emblem type logo that was designed by DAVEMB2. We hope to be using this logo on a lot more products alongside our regular one.


Below is the digital design proof that the company sent us showing what the flag will be like. We hope you all like it.


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pmsl could be worse...................he could have no arms, and no legs, and get picked up for arsing about! Luckily, the wee man doesnt come with the banner! lmao

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haha! That decission is easy! Gotta be DD, her first time on a show stand and a nice wee tribute for Dawn too. She always wanted to get the deck onto a show stand :-)

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