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Competition time! Meets photos/banner! (Now Closed)


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Ok, here's the deal. With an idea in mind for our new forum banner image, we need a really good quality, high res (if poss) photo from one of the future meets/shows. It needs to have a line of our Civic M's in, with the first car in the shot at the same angle as Dawns deck in the current banner (sicillian red theme), with the rest at the same angle but driven forward a bit to have the front drivers side wheel in line with the first cars drivers side front wheel.They all need to be relatively the same distance appart, which can be a pain to set up but makes a massive diff to the photo.  I'll knock up a wee photoshop later to explain what we're after. I've had a look through all the previous meets photos right up to the last ones, but none are at an angle that would suit.


The other requirement is that the shot needs to be all Civic M's. I know we sometimes have a few different cars on the stand as some members no longer have a civic M but are still )and always will be) a part of this club, but for the banner shot it has to be civic m's only please.


We're going to be organising a Scottish meet soon, so I'll try and get a few done at that too for future use, but try and see what you can get at the next few meets/show stands.


The member who's photo is picked for our forum banner will win a Civic5 mug!


Update: Here is an image of how we are needing the cars positioned for the photo.


Note the front offside wheel of each car is inline with the previous cars front offside wheel. It will be tricky to arrange, but do-able. Also, if we can try and have the car colours mixed, so not having say two Pirates black cars together etc. This will obviously depend on how many cars are i the shot. I think the best number would be 5 cars?  This would be the ideal number for the image to work how I'm planning.  I would photoshop one, but its hard to get individual photos of several cars all at the same angle/lighting etc, so really needs to be done at a meet/show. Oh, and also better if the cars are not parked on grass! Get your cameras ready folks!!



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