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  1. In Progress rear bumper 10,5J - 215/35R17 [url=https://flic.kr/p/njsK4W]
  2. hmmm yes smoke kills 4" lips 10,5J 4" lips
  3. trafiler Civic Klub Poland, 400 cars, 1000 people, and I http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=&v=L5pQ62Qx96s#! 1:14
  4. 2013_06_MA9_VTIS_HONDA_CIVIC_TRACER_006 by FlushStyle Pl, on Flickr2013_06_MA9_VTIS_HONDA_CIVIC_TRACER_005 by FlushStyle Pl, on Flickr2013_06_MA9_VTIS_HONDA_CIVIC_TRACER_002 by FlushStyle Pl, on Flickr2013_06_MA9_VTIS_HONDA_CIVIC_TRACER_003 by FlushStyle Pl, on Flickr2013_06_MA9_VTIS_HONDA_CIVIC_TRACER_007 by FlushStyle Pl, on Flickr camber -2
  5. only 159 HP its N/A Yes, it is IC, but the engine is in the specification N/A, because the turbine GT28RS has failed
  6. OK, I did update the first page and more Civic Klub event
  7. Polish Civic event two days later... http://flushstyle.pl/?p=1329
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