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  2. Don't worry mate, I live up in the hills a wee bit and we had a frost that night. Yeah, love minidiscs... Just came too late and got trumped by mp3s. The headunit is about right for the age of the car... I had it in my eg way back when.
  3. Oh god don't tell me that. I was out for a drive yesterday and the day before. Nightmare. I love that your using minidiscs. So good. Gutted they weren't around for too long.
  4. Last week
  5. Really small update today.. My minidisc headunit had stopped reading discs, so I replaced it today. With another one exactly the same And why is there so little space behind the radio Also, the gritter was out early in the week, so that's that for the winter.. Battery disconnected... Goodnight.
  6. Hi All, We can confirm our seasonal opening hours will be as follows: Up to and including 22nd December: Normal Hours Friday 23rd December: 9.00am – 3.00pm Christmas Eve: Closed Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed Tuesday 27th December: Closed Wednesday 28th December: 9.00am – 3.00pm Thursday 29th December: 9.00am – 3.00pm Friday 30th December: 9.00am – 3.00pm New Year’s Eve: Closed New Year’s Day: Closed Monday 2nd January: Closed Tuesday 3rd January: Normal Hours Commence Regards, Dan.
  7. It's not as daunting as you think. Been twice now. I thinks it's about being reserved and getting a feel for it. Etiquette is generally good. I recon a lot of the accidents you see on YouTube are gonna be young daft drivers trying to prove something or just not knowing there's or there cars limit. Of course some genuinely unfortunate ones too.
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  9. That's a cool way to do it then, bet it was a good road trip. Have seen soon crazy vids of stuff on the ring.. Would be nice to have it to yourself though
  10. Yes know what ya mean. It was wet a lot. And man Is it sketchy in the rain. Constant red flags and ya know why your sliding all over the place yet people still tearing past you. Bonkers. This fn2 belongs to a friend. Took on car transporter. So no need to worry if got broke or damaged. It's a bit of a communal track slag. We all do little bits of work on it and the owner is happy for us to rag it about.
  11. Nice! Bet that was mint at the ring. Would love to tick that one off, but think I'd be too scared of trashing the deck these days Sounds like the build is almost there mate - nice one. Bet you can't wait to get it all up and running and mapped.
  12. Baught a souvenir from the trip! That corner is insane. Can really hammer round it! Anyway engines complete. Has many more new parts eg. Bosch injectors, speedfactory map sensor, hopefully easier to map. Finally moved it out the living room into the garage. Here's a souvenir from that trip too lol In other news went to a honda meet the other week, car seemed to get a fair bit of attention and won a little trophy 2nd place for something which was nice! Haha. So got a little project to tackle, move battery Into the spare wheel well. A much larger breather tank will take the old batteries place. Then hoping to tackle the engine swap while I'm off over Xmas.
  13. Defo, go oldschool and turn wheels into the kerb. Cars looking great tho. Nice updates.
  14. I worry when I need to leave my car on a hill. Always leave it in gear but still don't trust it Hope you get it sorted out okay.
  15. Cheers man, brace was a bit of a pig to fit had to ‘move’ the aircon pipes a little bit, it’s on though. Gonna have it back off at some point to clean it up and polish it. I would say it was just the handbrake and not my fault at all but it happened with my old car twice and the neighbours car took a ramming on each occasion. I blame the hill, and the handbrake, definitely not me!
  16. Looking good. Like that strut brace as well. Nightmare on the incident though... The curse of the honda handbrake strikes again!
  17. Put fresh set of tyres on last night and re balanced the wheels, makes a world of difference even when they’re slightly out. Fitment is great though, with just me driving under flat out cornering you get the slightest rub, enough to let you know to back off a little anyway! Found the correct front and rear camber arms and lca’s too so will get them sooner or later. Just blow in exhaust to sort before mot now, bought a new full back pipe and have the old spoon n1 backbox so will get something welded up in next couple weeks probably
  18. Got a couple more bits done recently, got an engine brace on, front brakes and a new caliper as the old one was hung to f**k, hubcentric wheel spacers, different front lights that were split and painted. Plastidipped spoiler and front grill. Waiting on front and rear lip to come now, both in bad condition but I’d rather pay 30-50 quid for knackered ones and sit and fix them in the garage than pay like 200 each for good condition ones! Also put 25mm H&R springs on to sit it down and stiffen it up a little, pig of a job but they’re on aha, and bought a refurbed set of fanblades for it too, no photos of wheels on yet, cars filthy had s**t weather here past week so waiting for a clear day to clean him up a bit first. Suspension on mb’s is weird, few random sized nuts, eg setup front and rear. Was nice to see for myself at least I know what’ll fit and what won’t now. Gonna need new bushes as putting the springs on has put a lot more strain on the old (never changed) ones, least the job will be easier this time round! (Didn’t pull the handbrake up far enough and the car rolled down the road and came to a nice little stop against a tree a few weeks ago, thought I’d got away with zero damage, thought wrong) Can’t beat a bit of AliExpress for random bulls**t things! Front bumper doesn’t sit quite right now, easy bodge when I can be bothered, should be able to snatch that bar straight with some chain and the work van. Coulda done without the hassle mind, cheers nature
  19. Sweet, will put that on me calendar. Cheers!
  20. dan1

    '99 MB2

    Same venue again this year guys, Mallory Park on 13th August: https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/223403/retro-rides-gathering-august-mallory Id be tempted to try and go this year if nothing crops up
  21. Would have love to go to this one at Mallory as it's on my doorstep. But was working that day
  22. Should be a good tyre these. Me and some friends had a few days at nurburgring last month and had the same tyres, r888r on there type r. Seemed really good!!
  23. I rock the semi slicks all the time tbh!! Car don't see the light of day if it's wet.
  24. Not many grooves to be seen on them bad boys.. Guessing they're for track duties
  25. So had to spend on tyres. Simply couldn't wait any more. :(
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