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  2. Thank you for the input. Most likely due to the V6 being a heavier unit eh?Think it was JayEmm who said the MG also had a geometry reworked. Not very knowledgable on that but i suppose that would include control arms? Also just recalled that I read somewhere about smaller tire fitment in the rear due to the arches being designed not to stick out as much into the cargo area?
  3. Had rover mgzs180 dampers on my mc2vti, though way over sprung at front ,most parts are same as mb6 apart from rear bumper.
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  5. Ahoj from Czechia chaps! In a very near future I think I'll be in the market for the "englishman" as we call the Swindon 6th gens here, specifically the Aerodeck VTi. The car would first replace my Mitsu Eclipse as a fun car and later my daily after I've worked out the I presume numerous bugs. Hope I'm not asking too much of the old Honda but so far it seems to me as close to a weekender/daily in one car as one can get in my price range. In this first of many potential instances I turn to you for your knowledge and would like to know how much I'd be shooting myself in the foot b
  6. Maybe a scissor jack and tweek open a bit ,if thats a possibility ?
  7. I had Hardrace ones that didn't fit mate. Sold them and bought Skunk2 ones, they fitted. My car was low though but still. The Hardrace ones hit the upper arch
  8. It's so true... There's always a problem to solve, and that's where I get stuck.. Trying to figure out how I'm going to do something and changing my mind all the time. I'm sure you'll get it sorted though bud... And Where's the pics?
  9. Woohooooo! Super excited, the new head unit is here!! Now just got to figure out how to install the damn thing! Doesnt fit in a standard double din cage, instead has brackets so looks like I'm gonna need to fit it to the console then fit the console to the car. Will probably need to fabricate some brackets. Why is nothing ever easy!
  10. @dr_broonYes, member on here did a custom job on his door cards to incorporate large cup holders (think it was one of our newer members) looked awesome and worked perfect!
  11. Dave

    Aftermarket parts

    Haha, plenty of tutorials in the forum mate. I'm in the middle off doing one for the centre console double din conversion so keep an eye out for that one if you like a challenge! @justhans
  12. Funny thing is, I started to find that DC2 brakes were more or less the same as the VTi the day after I posted this. I'm basically trying to find a budget based bolt on upgrade for my car where I can still use the standard wheels. Been fantasising over Honeds Porsche kit but that is a little outside of my budget and it is not guaranteed to fit my standard wheels.
  13. Maybe it helps someone: I found a lock with keys and immobilizer Control unit from a breaker, swapped immo units and can now start the car by holding the key near the receiver ring. With the car running, i can unplug the unit without the car shutting of. (Thats how we could moved both my civcivs at the Same time.) That should only working because i have a chipped ECU with disabled Immo. Have a nice day
  14. Has anyone experienced this? Bought Races camber arms and it doesnt fit
  15. Yea, that's the plan if nothing else works, using the lock from my mb2. Before that i'll grab my multimeter and some paper clips and try something else... I dont have FB, unfortunatly :), and im in Germany.
  16. You could borrow the parts from nyour mb2 to get home couldn't you. Bunthen Breakers best bet I guess. Mistaa Saj on Facebook is my go to man for spares. Failing that auto electrician. I've used one before when my eg keys got lost and they used the boot lock barrel to make a mould of the key and cut a new one. And even made a new transponder.
  17. Thanks for the fast answer. That would be my 2. replacement set Since all MA, MB, MC-Chassis are basically the same would any set of keys fit, maybe even rover keys? Or does anybody has a spare set of keys and is willing to sell? I'll speak to Honda tomorrow, if there is another solution, i'll post it here. Thanks again, Ibrahim
  18. As far as I understand it, the red key is only for use for reprogramming the immobiliser, and shouldn't be used. I've copied some pages from the workshop manual that might help. I think that you're going to need a new set of keys though, not sure how you go about learning the keys (might be a honda job) or maybe getting some used keys with a matching immobiliser system?
  19. Hello everybody, i just lost my last car key at a trip with the dog, so the car stands somewhere in the woods now. Is there a way to get it temporarily running with the red key? Its a '97 MB6 / 1.8 VTi, with a chipped ECU (p28?) with a HTS map if that matters. I tried to start the car with the red key, hoping the chipped ECU disabled the immobilizer but couldn't. I guess i'm basically asking if there is a way to bypass the immobilizer, and since I could only find some people saying its possible I hope someone here could help me - maybe via PM since i
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  21. Yeah, I do use them very occasionally, but they're so bloody awkward to use. Some big four ones for water bottles would be handy - I know someone made some of them once. Might look into doing that.
  22. So i repainted my grille black! Its not much but its honest work. I quite like the result but im thinking about : A: repainting my bumber to match with the rest of the car and spraying plastic black B: Putting on the one colored from my spare parts car Dont really know what to do. I like how my car looks now with the half plastic ones and cant decide if it would look good with second bumper. I will have to put on the second one to decide but you can tell me what do you think would look better :)
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