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  3. All plastic trim wrapped and harness bar installed and nice and tight! All in all a decent day of messing about!
  4. Bay shot because why not. Changed whale d**k out to actual carbon fibre one, and changed rocker cover to a fake Mugen one. Looking a lot tidier under there now!
  5. Had the old girl to a local car meet thought... Real mix of cars. https://www.carbarn.co.uk/
  6. Managed to be productive again after working 12 hours over nights, finding the time is getting harder and harder at the moment, so I offset this by buying a s**t ton of parts then letting them stack up until I can’t bare it and am forced to actually fit them. Seems to be working quite well at the moment! Managed to get the 282 calipers fitted with the RPB discs and pads. Completely forgot about the 1 inch master and booster so brake pedal feeling is pretty bad but they certainly feel to have a lot more stopping power that’s for sure! Got underseat sub wired in and rear speakers changed, bought 4 inch rears and they were 5 inch originally so made some adapters to fit them. Sound is actually really good now, fully recommend the sub to anyone! Then finally got round to wrapping all the beige interior plastics in a dark alcantara, turns out I’m actually quite good at it, who knew. Usually I’d lose my rag and end up throwing something but managed to make a decent job of it, also wrapped the front fog covers in a crushed carbon wrap but didn’t get a photo of that as of yet. Got a tegiwa universal harness bar second hand and fitted that as I’ve got some low max glitter backs to fit soon too. I’ll update with some photos shortly!
  7. Little bit of work on the old girl yesterday. Had a new washer motor as the screen wash wasn't working, and mot is due. Also had a new arch liner to stick in while I was on as the old one had suffered from arch rub. Stuck the new motor in, and nothing came out. Could hear the motor going well, but no squirts. Started tracking back from the nozzles to see what was going on, and turns out that a little non return valve was sticking. Tried to fettle it but it was still sticking, so ended up taking the gubbins out of the valve so it was basically a pipe joint... Works better than they ever have now... Finally see what everyone sees in the jazz nozzles. Also finally got around to sorting out the surface rust around the bonnet hinges. Cleaned it all up and chipped off a bit more old seam sealer. Used some kurust rust converter, then painted it with black hammerite. Popped the scuttle panel back on with a bead of silicone along the top as the foam strip that's supposed to stop water running down behind it off the windscreen had almost totally disintegrated. There's a bit of surface rust appearing on the top of the panel where the blower motor is, but couldn't really get to that yesterday. There's hardly anything mind, but it's one to keep an eye on. Was nice to see all of the underseal looking nice and fresh underneath and behind the arch liner. Didn't take any pics of anything as I was cracking on and it kept raining on me.
  8. Nice one mate 😎 Just noticed that signatures have started showing on the mobile version... Has there been an update?
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  10. Yours have always been ones that are constantly evolving, love seeing how different they are and the latest style and mods. Keeps it fresh!
  11. Lol yeah, front has to come off for most jobs! It's a tight fit in the engine bay, so simplest jobs involve a strip down of something or other!
  12. Lol deffo! Saved my bacon that time that's for sure! Had DD for her longest drive in a year and a half today, wee trip to the East Coast where we used to live. Have to say loving how she's driving, so smooth and perfect. Enjoying life in the deck again.🥰
  13. Everything my old neighbour used to do on his seemed to involve dismantling half the front end of the car 😂
  14. Can deffo tell I had way of building them when look at my new one
  15. Pretty sure the mb6 harness is different bud.
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