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  2. Looks flipping good that mate. Hope that you're into something with the abs.. That's be good to get that sorted!
  3. Have now finished apart from the pass side wheel arch. Got the abs sensor all fited back in and her back on the ground. Unfortunately, needing the garage to fix the MINI now! lol Rear wheel bearing is shot so now the mini is up on stands. On a positive note, when I moved DD into the car port, I had a brain fart moment! ABS light is still on, so deffo thinking wiring fault. Then I thought, hmm, who's to say the faults actually at the rear? So popped the bonnet, and gave the connector that goes into the abs unit a good poke about/wiggle. Started her up, ABS light went off! Started her another 2 times and same, light going off as it should. 3rd start up, stuck on again lol. least i think I'm in the right area now with the fault so once i get the mini done, I'll get her back in the garage to check out the big connector on the abs unit.
  4. Last week
  5. Hey there, I downloaded the Civic manual as I was looking for the bolt sizes and torque requirements for fitting. the LCA bolts are 14x1.5mm but it doesn't say what length they are? I need bolts for the compliance bushing that bolts into the chassis. picture below does anyone know the length of these bolts ? Kind regards
  6. Fenny

    Mb6 Mid wing

    You mean the roof spoiler? If yes, then I am also interested in putting one on! I was also looking at EG coupes roof spoilers, in case the measurements are similar
  7. Today's update on the rust treatment. Got the whole rear into its first coat of underseal, boot floor and surrounding areas looking much tidier now Got it right up into the rear corners roo and in behind the rear bumper so she's well protected. Deffo going to give her another coat though, but my neck was sore from doing this yesterday so had to give it a miss today. Next, i'll get the lower suspension arms done in satin black then move onto the nearside Rear arch and suspension, got it all buffed dow, rust treated, undersealed and painted. Then just the ABS sensor to refit and troubleshoot and fit the VTiS side skirts. Should be ready for the mot after that.
  8. No idea why it does that. Will have try on laptop later
  9. dr_broon

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Something wrong with the pic mate - not due what file type that is m
  10. I have that lip wing on mine on the boot if that wot mean 20230810_182531.heic
  11. dr_broon

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Do you mean on the rear screen? Not sure I've seen one fitted either. You'd have to check measurements etc, but can't see why you couldn't. If anyone has looked into it, @Craigblight86 would be the man - any clues Craig?
  12. Zharta

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Hey guys. Quick question. Is it possible to fit a midwing to a Mb6. I have never seen it before
  13. Think it's the same grill on all models mate, not sure why that bit is covered up. Know on my old MA8 Civic it also had like a plastic cover where the air con rad would be too as mine didn't have air con.
  14. Earlier
  15. I was looking at my MB2 the other day when I noticed that half my bumper grille's are covered, of course this is on every MB2 at least but I didnt manage to find any reason as to why this is a thing. Anything I should know? Can I simply remove em or should I keep em on? Thanks in advance!
  16. https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/ Spoke directly with someone from Planted Technology and he confirmed the measurements for me
  17. MB3Stage2

    Seat rails

    Hi there have a look at https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/. spoke directly with a guy from Planted technology and got the measurements. they are a direct fit as this Accord was the USDM MB if that makes sence
  18. Hi everyone sorry been busy with work still haven't been able to get pictures. Also found out some really cool information that would have made my life a lot easier. The USDM Honda accord 5th Gen seat base frames are a direct fit to the mb models and company called Planted Technology manufacture these frames. So really you could get these subframes and bolt any seat into it with or without rails
  19. Lovely pre-facelift Civic M! Stunning!
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