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  2. MB6 VTI For sale - Low miles & Lots of Mods!

    Nice motor mate and hope it goes to good home. Well and truly out my price range
  3. Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling the MB for something that's still performance orientated, but a bit more family friendly. Will be Gutted to see the MB go but it's just not getting the use it deserves. Wanted to offer it up here first before It goes on ebay etc. My build thread is on here to check out: Its a 1999 Pirates Black MB6 VTI. Currently it has Approx 62,000 genuine miles on the clock from new (will confirm the exact number), but it's still in use so this may go up a smidge anyway. I am the second owner from new, it has 3 keys including the RED one and most of the original books / documentation. It has full Honda service history from new up until I bought it in 2014 and from there on, it has full service history from ABP Motorsports in Crewe. It's HPI clear with a report to show and is a genuinely well looked after car. I have over £3000 in receipts since I bought it and the car has had a whole host of upgrades as the build thread will show. Some of the mods & work include: Meister-R's Skunk2 Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kit Skunk2 Rear Camber kit Skunk2 Gold Anodised Rear Lower Control Arms Skunk2 Phi-fifty rear tie Bar Full Strongflex Poly Bush kit including shifter linkage. New OE track rod ends, front lower ball joints, front Drop links & Rear Drop links + any other bushes not covered here or in the poly bush pack. Full 'Fast road' geometry set-up Uniroyal Rainsport 3's '96 Integra Type R Enkei Alloys with spacers - Refurbished in gold. McGuard Locking Nut kit Lightweight RPC chromoly flywheel with ARP bolts Genuine Honda Clutch kit Trans Fluid change Full Service - all filters and fluids including brake fluid, as well as Iridium Plugs, new dizzy cap and arm. Genuine Honda Cambelt kit and water pump + coolant change. Valve lash check and adjustment (only two on the exhaust side were out by a very negligible amount) New rocker cover gasket and plug seals. Tegiwa shock socks. PIA 4K ultra white bulbs Tegiwa Carbon Kevlar Power Chamber intake & filter Full De-Cat back custom Stainless Exhaust from Cobra Sport Exhausts in Sheffield. Full VTIS Kit All callipers taken apart, cleaned, greased and re-assembeld All of the above work has been done in the last 4000 miles / 2 years so its all still nice and fresh. Like most, the car has couple bad bits but nothing major: Body work is starting to get a little taggy from daily use - there is a large scrape on the back bumper, and various car park dings here and there from inconsiderate C**ks. Many of the imperfections would probably come up ok with a good detailing, which I may get done before it goes. The headlight washers have been removed and rubber bungs put in place as they had broken anyway. One of the fogs is missing its outside lense but still works. One of the tail lights has a hairline crack from a stone chip - I do have a spare set available though. The blower resistor has gone on settings 1&2 - common fault and easy fix. everything else works fine and the AC is still ice cold. Small dint in one the edge of the tailpipe thanks to a low curb. there are a few scuffs here and there inside as I think the first owner used it for a couple runs to B&Q with the seats down - but still in beautiful condition really. Disks and Pads need doing all Round. May be some other bits of minor wear and tear expected at this age but overall its still a beauty, just needs more love and time than I can give it at the moment. Located in Sheffield (although on the side closer to Barnsley and Huddersfield) Price is based on the work completed over the last two years alone, not even factored what I paid when I purchased it - So asking £3000 ovno For that price I may have a few extra's to throw in but will have to see what I have waiting in the wings to go on. Will get some more recent pics up ASAP.
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  5. B18C4 Cylinder head with or without cams

    Was watching this on eBay and it finished without selling. Seemed a bit too good for the price to be honest, but you never know http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311949285430 And don't be shy about getting a project thread going for the conversion... Sounds interesting
  6. Brake discs

    Since the begining, hardcore me!
  7. Brake discs

    lmao! Someones been watching Mighty car mods!
  8. Brake discs

    Best thing to do on a budget is to get MGZS discs and calipers as they are 4x100.
  9. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    Excllent, I'll take gonnorea .
  10. Brake discs

    Just get some of these
  11. It's like being in charge of which STD you'll catch
  12. Looking for a B18C4 Head to be used for a b20 vtec conversion on my CRV, must have valves and springs, not so bothered about cams have a set already, wont pay scene tax or stupid prices. if you have anything anyone please message me and ill get in touch thanks
  13. Brake discs

    Just fitted a set of 17s and the stock discs look tiny haha any idea what the max size of disc i can get? And also will i need to upgrade the calipers to suit. Ive a mb2 so just discs at the front. All help appreciated! Cheers!
  14. Hello from cornwall

    Alo dave and thanks for the advice mate ill defo upgrade the exaust and manifold at some point i brought the car cheap 450 as i had a citreon saxo that the boot had rusted to crap and the civic was round the corner from me and cheap enuff so i had to get it as i love honda its got A 170000 odd miles on it so its gonna get al new gaskets plugs wires and then some power on another note anyone after a set of honda aloys tires are pretty much nakerd and wheels a bit skanky looking but there here taking up space
  15. Hello from cornwall

    Welcome to civic5 mate! Nice looking deck and the 17's look so much better than the standard alloys. Quite rare to see a 1.5 aerodeck nowadays, and the 1.5 is a cracking engine. Easiest and cheapest mods would be improving the air flow so possibly CAI and/or induction kit or even just a K&N filter swap. Stainless Exhaust will also help get the gasses out quicker, and a change of manifold. Not sure what manifolds are available for the 1.5 as it has a sensor in it but someone else will be able to clarify what's available. These mods will improve performance a little bit. Brake upgrades are always a wise choice, and are easy enough to do. I'm not sure if MGZS brake discs would go on as these will be a bit bigger than standard I think and will keep your current 100x4 stud pattern. MB6 brakes are 282 so much bigger, but the stud pattern would change and also not sure if they would fit on the standard hub/driveshafts. Again, another member will be able to point you in the right direction on this as lots of 1.5's have been modded on here. Enjoy the site and club!
  16. Hello from cornwall

    Hello all im jay new to this site i got me a 1.5 vtec aerodeck i have recently got a set of wolfrace 17 inch wheels that i think realy give the car a beter looking to do a few engine mods and would realy appreciate some advice if anybody has ideas for me next thing i want doing is biger brake disks as mine look funny in them 17s
  17. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    I chose the winner (again)
  18. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    Well deserved as always. Beautiful car
  19. wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for her! Well happy!
  20. DD is the winner, congrats @Dave
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