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  2. Thanks mate. It really ain't all that tho. I mean its clean for sure but it gets used and what not.
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  4. Absolutely speachless !!!! In complete awe at your work and attention to detail, this needs put in a bubble and preserved forever
  5. Its going to be a lonnnnnnnnnng day lol home ecc teacher would be proud
  6. I know normally snap happy. But was a bit of a faf. Pushed for time to get to dynodaze and was blocking the road loading up. Typical no one moves on my dead end street where I live. And as soon as was blocking road with trailer. Engines firing up everywhere people trying to get out the street. Lol
  7. Nice spot for the guage bud. Should have got some pics of the transport Will be good being able to get her track ready before you go there.
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  9. Back at dynodaze now for downpipe mods. V band flange, lambda bungs added and hopefully have the wastegate plumbed back into the exhaust rather than the screamer pipe. Interesting day and a bit of a test run for the track really. Hired a trailer and towed the civic on the back of the Hilux. No dramas really pulls no problem.
  10. Not exactly however I did fit one on a vw tfsi. And it was really good. Albeit very loud as came straight off the downpipe.
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  12. Hello just wanted to ask if anyone has been working with placing electric exhaust flap (or valve ?) on mb3 body with stock like exhaust.
  13. Was it taken on an iPhone? A lot of apple products don't put the image data in the file (orientation etc) so forum just puts it to what it thinks is the default view.
  14. I avoided having wideband O2 on this car because on my old eg I was always looking at the gauge and it was very distracting and led to unnecessary worry when wasn't displaying what I thought it should. But as I'm running one now into the s300 ECU. I decided to mount the gauge in the glovebox so that I can monitor it when need to. But close it away when just out using or enjoying the car.
  15. Made a wee start to tbe interior see if it coulf be done and it looks like a go
  16. For sure i think the were very much a parts bin car from lots of different model civics , not that thats a bad thing at all
  17. That's interesting. Often think these cars are just made from whatever leftovers were lying around.
  18. Yes that's definitely true. I've had a fair few mb and MC over the years. And Always considered the ugly duckling in the honda scene by others. But nowdays i get so many nice comments about my mb when I take it out. And a fair few "wtf is in that thing?" Comments aswell lol
  19. Joined your page! yeah, funny thing is the Aerodeck back when new was actually a really great car. Honda brought it out to compete with the BMW 3 series tourer as they wanted to try and enter that market (small premium estate). The fact that they are so rare on the roads today has most people thinking either "What's that?" or "I remember those"! I didn't think the decks would reach classic car status (or rather modern classic status) but I can see it coming now. Folk love to see these mint aerodecks so keep her looking good!
  20. Cheers Jake, it's appreciated Think it just needs cracking open and checking out.
  21. Going to try use up some of the leatherette and cover my gear shifter surround as its got a crack in it anyway then Got some vinyl dye coming to try stain the sun visors. also have some vinyl wrap/fablon type stuff for a bargain £5 out bnq thats textured black leather effect to try wrap the fake wood strip in the dash (have a second hand one coming and hopefully heater faceplate controls) so it will be wood effect free. Whatever one works best i think i wil try do the post trims and window surrounds in the rears ....... maybe lol doing the head lining altho easy for able bodied people has me proper knackerd, bruised and sore Need time to recharge Was buzzing yesterday tho, started a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/237686051614268/?ref=share Was taking pics with the owners consent at a local retail park of a cavalier , the lads from halfords came out nd shouted "should be taking pics of the aerodeck, they are much cooler" even had a fella pull up next to me saying how clean the car looked and you never see these anymore. amazing how back in the day they were mostly overlooked but today keep getting coments on how cool they are nowadays
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