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  2. Side repeaters

    Hi. Would have thought that it would be an mot issue? Sure that @philgor can help if he's still around?
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  4. Very Clean MB6 wanted. Midlands.

    Bump this. Still not found the right car. No rust. Very tidy bodywork please.
  5. MB4 for sale

    I would of taken it if u were closer
  6. MB4 for sale

    clean tidy wee civic for the money mate.
  7. Side repeaters

    Hi everyone does anyone know if the side repeaters on the front wings of the civic have to be there as i want to blank mine off. I know after a little bit of research the indicator light cluster has to wrap around the side and be visable which i think it is but would like someone elses opinion Thanks Ben
  8. MB4 for sale

    Hello It is with much regret that i must sell my lovely old Civic. She failed the mot a couple of months ago,nothing major. i just don't have the time or money at the moment to put it right and tax and insure it. She failed on central break light (may need replacing) Break light bulb headlight beam incorrect offside (bulb maybe wrong way round) constant velocity joint gaiter front nearside. i was quoted £113 to put this right There was a few advisories offside front tyre (worn and cracked) brake pads thin nearside front and offside rear all four shock absorbers have light misting of oil offside front and both rear tyre valves perished centre exhaust corroded. It does have a new battery and front nearside tyre. i am looking for £100 pounds just to re-coup some of the money from the battery and tyre. I am based in Southend on sea Essex I hope someone will see this and be interested as i would really be upset to see her scrapped These are the only two pictures that will load for some reason. Although i haven't been active on here,i would like to thank everyone that made me welcome. kind regards John
  9. 11892107_929276967144204_6221298334261875029_n.jpg

    That looks amazing! Sweet pre-facelift civic M!
  10. Wanted: VTI-S Full body kit.

    Hi, i'm searching a VTI-S full body clean kit, i live in Spain and i can pay shipping costs, i hope somebody here got one, if you do pm me, thanks and have a good day.
  11. To be fair it's highly likely that I will too, unless Steve wins COTM December then it's an easy double victory for team Double Unicorn.
  12. Find out in a couple of weeks, December as always will be a little early to make room for COTY (Deskfest) voting.
  13. Haha they'll b a deck somewhere hiding
  14. You should win next month @powerofdreams there's no more to vote for lol
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  16. Radio roof antenna Height/Angle adjustment

    It's like the wife, the more you show it to her the less erect it'll become!
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