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  1. mark.b

    Water leak

    Driving tonight got caught in a really heavy rain storm ,water started dripping into the front left of the passenger footwell,then I thought I could hear what sounded like the heater fan sloshing in water ,I turned it off and about half a coke can of water dropped into the footwell ,all my interior glass fogged up and I couldn't get the windows to clear even wiping them with a microfiber while driving ,the waters not coolant ,does anyone know were I should start looking for the leak ,I've read some other posts and have checked around the windscreen an under the gutter strips
  2. Yeh I've used eurocarparts eBay for a Bosch 4yr gtee battery for some reason it was about £40 cheaper than listed on their main site
  3. Marko no offence meant,it just I've had friends buy car parts off eBay,including one that bought a set of green brake pads from a reputable seller,turned out they weren't genuine as 30 miles after fitting them the brake lining detatched from the metal backing plate of the pad locking the wheel an putting him through a fence writing his car off
  4. Handbrake mechanism is seized in the off position only got handbrake on the os,plus I live on an incline The price I was quoted is for a remanufactured caliper hence the £50 surcharge I mentioned the garage pocketing but denying knowledge of As for buying brake parts off eBay,I wouldn't trust the part,at least if I buy local I've got a physical location I can return a part to should it fail
  5. Bit of a dilemma, caliper needs changing,number of suppliers will sell me one between £110-120 with between a £40-50 surcharge being refunded when I return the old unit,I've phoned numerous garages and all are quoting between £150-170 parts and labour, 1 hours labour and the cost of part,none have agreed that they get the part cheaper due to surcharge,so there all trying to charge me a fee plus making a decent £50 in their back pocket,asked if I could supply the part, all refused flatly,most stating they couldn't guarantee the work done if I supplied the caliper and would void any liability on their behalf Feel like I'm getting proper shafted, I need the car everyday to get around so recon parts aren't an option because of down time Anyone got any suggestions ,as I'm stumped
  6. Tried the socket idea the shape of the locking nut made it impossible for the socket to bite,it was the garages minimum charge for jobs 1 hours labour +vat
  7. Just giving a quick update to all you members that helped,I got the wheel nut removed at my local garage, I'm now £48 lighter, but I can get my pads done now,thanks again guys for the advice
  8. Tyre place wouldn't touch it told me it was a big job,the wheel nut key is like new, its the 4 holes in the wheel nut there oval so as soon as I put pressure on my wheel brace the nut key twists out,the problem I've got is new brake pads one the nsf and 2/3 worn pads nsf, is it safe to drive around to find help
  9. Cheers grant, already tried that route,meant to say in my post,there's not enough area on the nut for a hammered on socket to bite
  10. I've just gone to take my OSF wheel off to change my pads I can't get the locking wheel nut off the holes that the 4 pins locate into off the key are mishapen from I guess the tyre place and garages using an airgun.does anyone have any idea how to remove the nut as I've already changed the pads on the other side and need the car daily, managed to get the other 3 locking nuts off with a little difficulty
  11. Just spotted this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HID-headlight ... 2578f64f21 anyone think itll work in our civics
  12. Can anyone tell me were the air enters into the cabin as im constantly having to remove my pollen filter to unblock it pre filter side of long thin leaves from an enourmous council owned tree opposite my house.i have fitted fine plastic mesh over the two grills below the windscreen but its made no change plus the noise they make rubbing on the interior fan is driving me mad
  13. There the new night breakers .really disappointed as i had read such good things about them .will check the links posted
  14. Have fitted night breaker h4 bulbs in my civic 6 months ago when its dry road conditions there not bad but once its rained or raining i may aswell be driving with sidelights on as theres no light thrown on the road ahead,its been to my local garage an the beam settings are all spot on headlights are kept clean an the insides are clean. ,thinking of trying 80w bulbs and fitting ceramic plugs that connect to the h4 bulbs to stop possible heat damage melting them,has anyone gone down the route of using increased wattage bulbs,if so were the results favourable in terms of illumination of the road and was the wiring ok running higher watt bulbs,need advice about this dont want hid kit as they dazzle too much
  15. Hi is there a mod to raise the front passenger seat,drivers is height adjustable but the passenger seat is just too low,also i need the cover over the bolt of the rear handle above the door and a complete roof handle inc covers for the passenger side front,all in light grey (2000 x plate) checked all my local decent breakers yards,items are already missing or really bad condition
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