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  1. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Apologies for the late reply guys been busy trying to get the car finished MB6 rear hubs are straight bolt on even the rear wheel bearings are the same fitment, I've ended up taking them off only due to my ride height problems cup was nearly at it's maximum to the end and didn't wanted to take the risk damaging the arches since it's had a full respray, think MB6 rear are more suitable for DC2 shame as the wheels where sitting perfect with the arch, noodels all parts are bought from SpeedEquip mate always top service Krzys that's an emissions sticker that there use in Japan And thanks for al the comments
  2. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Another update is here alot as been done since I've had it back from body shop, done a full re-bush with HardRace bushes was surprised how the old ones some like egg shaped lol, While doing the bushes I decided to fit MB6 rear hub conversion which given me a wider track sits nicely lined up with arch now Some pictures All OEM decals and badges fitted Rear spoiler lip fitted Always wanted a Ktuned shifter absolutely amazing piece of kit feel of the shifter is amazing Front lower arm cleaned and a lick of hammerite paint and HardRace bushes fitted Old one out in with the new Hardrace RTA and drop links MB6 rear hubs had a full refurb and HardRace RTA bushes fitted Test fitted my Rays again can't to get these on, hopefully there will be on once alignment as been done In the process now doing ABS unit wire tuck Interior shot Still to fit on ATR front calliper will fit nicely with TE37s Hopefully next get a remap done And just like to say BIIIIIIG thanks to SpeedEquib Auto centre for supplying the parts and helping me to fit them
  3. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Sorry for late replies guys been busy Yep got the exhaust done from Phil mate but don't have it any more ended up buying Fujitsubo Legalis R which I always wanted and quite rare to find, not from Midlands did abit of traveling And thanks again for all the kind comments :-D Cars gone to get it final touches, paint getting flattened and polished badges and stickers going on too
  4. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Nearly done, badges and decals will be going on in few weeks time inc spoiler lip
  5. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Went to bodyshop on Tuesday see how much has been done, looking good so far passenger side duct fitted More updates tomorrow hopefully
  6. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Few pictures from body shop Complete full set of brackets, screws, clips, badges Door trims (wont bloody cheap), window seals Hoping it will be finished some time next week
  7. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Thanks guys still going to be same color, once it's back it's having complete bushes changed
  8. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Appreciate all the comments guys , will update with more pictures when it's in body shop
  9. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Not updated for a while, just been getting parts together for respray and other bits too Clutch was on it's way out replaced with Exedy stage1 clutch, thanks to SpeedEquip for carrying out the work NRG hub lock New system installed New front wheel bearings and ARP extended studs S2000 clutch cylinder fitted Rear Grunny flap and passenger side duct Had my TE37s refurbished Got myself a really mint condition Legalise R bloody hell these sound amazing (fitted but no pictures yet) parts for body shop Rear screen seal Replacement badges Side door decals Bonnet latch Cars finally booked in for respray will update with more pictures when it's in body shop Thanks for looking
  10. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Quite a rare part to find too
  11. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    improvement in rigidity, Fast turn in feels much better and front end feels alot more solid, going over speed bumps certain creaks no longer there, defo noticeable difference
  12. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Thanks guys :smile: Some info on Fender braces J's Racing inner fender brace provides chassis reinforcement between the joint of the car's front engine section and mid c**kpit section. Typically, the greatest strength of the car's chassis will be low, concentrated in the frame. As we move up the chassis, we find there is less reinforcement, especially at the fender area, where the forward section and mid section of the car are joined by a few spot welds. Consequently, under hard braking and cornering there is a great amount of flex and twist at the fender area. The J's Racing fender brace reduces this flexing and the sloppy steering response associated with it. Chassis rigidity is increased noticeably and turn in response is significantly crisper and faster.
  13. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Small update Fitted J's racing fender braces, there where easy to fit, once all finished doors where very slightly off line so it's too body shop soon to have them re aligned inc wings Innovative engine mounts fitted Finlay manged to get JDM 98spec wiper washer bottle this was required for 98spec lights More to come In- line fuel kit S2000 clutch cylinder still in process in wire tuck New calipers rear spoiler lip Front bonnet to be replaced Rays Alloys Optional side skirts etc My uncles new toy too Legacy RSK B4 Rev D his 4th one
  14. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Hmm good choice mate, that will just go well with Gold washers too
  15. My Mugen DB8R Build update 28/02/15

    Looking at changing my color theme on cam cover, intake manifold and intake pipe any suggestions please, think I've had enough on White lol