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  1. Gutted, got a girl picking up my bora this Afternoon and thought would check on here to see if still for but sold just my luck Oh well im glad its gone to a enthusiast whos not a breaker, thats the main thing
  2. God I bloody hate selling cars Listed the Bora on Ebay for £2695 which is basically trade in price Its the cheapest on there for year/mileage/condition/spec Had loads of idiots and offers Been talking to a bloke for the last week, sent him loads of emails answering every single question. Arranged him to come down today. I told himI wanted cash and I would take not a penny less than £2600 unless he found any fault. I paid to have the car valeted and met him, he spent a hour looking over it (hes a mechanic) took him for a five mile test drive. What does he do ? Offer me £2400. Tells me hes gonna have to spend £100 getting the windows tinted (what the hells that got to do with anything) and pay someone £100 to remove a couple of tiny bits of plastidip I hadnt taken off! He drove all the way from Essex to mess me about?? i just dont understand that And of course all the others that showed interest i have now emailed and they all have a sudden seem to have got new cars funny that So no new VTIS for me, I just dont have the money with opening my new shop, im still overdrawn Now ive got to tell Sue. Me and the girlfriend were all geared up to pick up Nicks car after I sold mine today
  3. I will have a look when I come down Sue , I may buy some cleaning stuff of uou
  4. Sue its James here from Brighton. We spoke before, im selling my car and hopefully its going Sunday. I would love to buy Nicks car as after a mb6 , and ive followed his car and know how well he cared for it. Everyone can vouch for me on here about my love for cars. If i sell mine Sunday I could come down on Monday to buy it, I dont even need to look at it as I know it inside out!
  5. Ill wait til I got the money in my hands I think, although may well have someone interested in the Bora
  6. Ok Phil we will see how things go, if its meant to be it will happen!
  7. Oh ok yes was wondering what was happening with that, I had a idea a while ago but went off the radar. Was going to suggest to bossmanDave and Nicks wife about doing a lottery, say £100 a ticket with maximum sales being £3000 minimum £2000. Sure we could have got the money. God but yes would love Nicks car, feels sort of right as well as its only just down the road from me.
  8. You selling another one then? I liked your old loud one! Do you know what, one of my favourite all time cars was a Carlton 3000gsi 12v auto , I loved it! Whos Phil? Already got the Bora advertised and private plate being transferred so hopefully have some new car funds soon!
  9. Cheers guys ok, well I opened my own Barber shop after being shafted by my mate I worked For for 8 years. But its all good, got the shop couple of months back, been so busy getting everything done but open now and doing good. So cars.... Well a M definitely not out the question, especially a red mb6 saloon, but also really want a 190e . Hopefully just about be able to afford both once the boras gone. Of not a mb6 i fancy a EK
  10. Selling this boring car for definite now as my commute is so short now and need petrol in my life, oh and did I mention I got my own shop now??!!
  11. Good shout, was going to suggest the same. There you go Nik we got you there in the end mate
  12. Oh no what awful sad news, just saw a thing on Facebook where his car is hoing to be for sale, quickly checked on here fearing the worst and there we have it. Really gutted he was a top guy and always offering help whenever he could, he really stood for what Civic5 is, full of genuine nice people that want to help each other RIP man, and im going to help your wife partner in any way I can to make sure the car goes to a worthy owner
  13. Yeah I remember him from way back but dont remember his car being so nice!Ah yes I do, I remember he had that awesome on board computer, best mod ever for me, told mpg, miles left, outside temperature etc etc, I wanted one so bad!!
  14. Not been here a while but just saw mikefotos car on facebook so made the effort and came back and voted. That car is incredible, best non vti/vtis ever. Why wouldnt you vote for this?!!!
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