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  1. Wanted to reset my ECU. Is it just a case of disconnecting the battery for a while??
  2. Its a cat back stainless steel power flow for 150 but got cup holder and wind deflector kit for 20 Picked it up from only 30 miles away.
  3. can someone delete this posted wrong link
  4. Pic was sent by previous owner. All shiny now
  5. Just got my self a stainles steel cat back made by powerflow. Fitting it Saturday!! Woop!!!
  6. I sorted the brakes on Saturday, just sticking pads luckily! The car feels a lot quicker so must have been like it for a while. does anyone have a ABS sensor if I need one in a hurry??
  7. failed the MOT today on ABS Light and all four Brakes Binding Going to Fine out which sensor is playing up. but I'm a little concerned about all four brakes Binding. don't fancy forking out for callipers
  8. I do like the Kumhos. had them on my other civic in 14" I managed to get a crazy good deal on the Yokohamas so order a pair of them for now. have u had any problem wit your 17" wheels scrubing on the rear?
  9. Bin Looking at tyres today these are my opions 205/40/17 Yokohama Parada2 Toyo T1R Kumho Ku39 Nankang Ns2 Anyone tried and tested these on there MB/MC
  10. thanks jay need to sort the scrubing first. then find some MGZS Suspension and Arb
  11. There have an offset of ET40 anyone know what its meant to be
  12. Not that offen but dont want it to make the car impractical.
  13. They are 7.5x17 with 215.40.17s on
  14. After going out for a nice good Friday drive 4s up qnd 3 dogs in the boot. My new wheels scrub on the rear arches quite badly. I guess the offset is wrong Gunna try some narrower tyres first but if not the wheels will have to go
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