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  1. Hi, all Does anybody know if a front wing or bumper from 1.6LS would fit MC2? Thanks in advance
  2. androot

    cant open door

    Thank you very much. I'll try that. I thought that was the case btw
  3. androot

    cant open door

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I forgot to mention I cant open the door from inside either.
  4. androot

    cant open door

    Hi, guys. I just need a quick advice regarding a lock. One day I tried open drivers door but no, it refused to open. I can turn the key to the closing direction but not the opposite. I can feel a little bit of a flex - it doesnt feel solid. My best guess is lack of power coming to the CL servo. About a year ago i had to resolder a speaker connection within that big plug feeding the door. It seemed as not very reliable part of the design. Something likr that might have happened this time but with the central locking. Help. Should I start thinking of selling the car or there is a ray of hope? Thanks in advance.
  5. androot

    Boss kit

    Gotcha I emailed couple of sellers but none is certain what fits what... bummer
  6. How the heck did you find a boss for MC2? ?? I tried two already and none of them fit in spite to being advertised as for my girl.
  7. androot

    Boss kit

    I found one on ebay (281476739625) but the description says it fits MB6 only... And I'm still confused; the guy says MB6 - 6th gen. WTF!
  8. androot

    Boss kit

    Are you kidding me??? They dont say that. Wow, thanks a lot m8.
  9. androot

    Boss kit

    Hi guys. I am absolutely lost and hopeless. I have already bought and returned 2 boss kits as none of them fit in spite of being advertised as civic 96-00 or the seller confirmed fitment upon asking. I canr find any kti that would fit MC2. Anybody found one? Thanks
  10. I hope Tom is just kidding about that seazing btw. I'm sceptical about it anyway. I've had 4 cars so far and never had that problem.
  11. Do I sense sarcasm or just hopelessness? There is definately something there...
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