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  1. Will this turn lights off, it's the abs and srs lights just need them off to het thru mot
  2. I'm trying to plug my mate's universal fault code reader but connections are diff???
  3. Is my mc2 suppose to come with rcl? If so does anyone know if and how the fob can be replaced? Cheers folks
  4. My first was a 1.6 fiesta si,looked the nuts but ran like a bag o sh:t, then Honda consumed my life lol
  5. aeroabz

    beaks bar

    Would the beaks bar from dc2 fit my aerodeck?
  6. Does the sideskirts off the mb6 vtis go straight on to the deck??
  7. My gaffer is handy with a welder do u think it would b possible to put a extension in?
  8. As its for the deck does it have to b off a certain body type ie estate?? ( soz to go to old post)
  9. Would it b easy enuff to remove the 4"
  10. What about exhaust??? If not does it need alot of modification?? I've already purchased
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