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  1. Thanks chaps ill upload a few more pics over the weekend when its got a few bits fitted. And of course next week back at the bodyshop 😆
  2. then it was ride time ! out with the old ebay nasty s**te in with the 2nd hand d2's bottom before top after little close up of the front all smoothed wacked on some neo chrome nuts decided the yellow calipers just cant stay any longer so got the black out then was exhaust issues due to new lows. center box had to go, sadly no pics of it being welded but just the one of it nose up and exhaust off. WHEEL TIME :D :D i remember the day these turned up and i test fitted them! WOW #poke another little job i got done after about 4 or 5 times getting the wrong size bushes was to finally get the rear arb on! next up, was rear camber. these came from my best mate as a freebie for helping him out. 1st thing was the get them apart and clean them up old vs new sadly no after pics =( but theres plenty to come decided headlights needed the de-chrome treatment very simple job to do and great results! tyres turned up and i was straight off to get them fitted there a 165/50 on a 8.25 and the wheels were on xD with the wheels on and it sitting lower it was time to say goodbye to some exhaust hangers and the 2 hook things on the front bye!!! a little progress picture havent yet mentioned the yellow fogs. its just simple tint film 10 min job gave the engine bay a tidy up recently and changed the strut from yellow to black seem to be up to date with it now doesnt feel like ive done much seeing it all above =( makes me a bit sad. last few weeks iv purchased some seats Cobra Daytona's cheeky lil pic of mine and my mates s2k ( dem asses ) front adjustable camber arms and my little momo 280 turned up changed the old messed up hazard switch got my momo 280 fitted along with the momo boss so thats it for now up to date. next few bits on the TDL is short shift the seats obviously US side light kit that camber kit oh and p.s its due next week to go in for a wheel colour change and having both front wings re done due to them being creased with the wheels hitting the arches. im thinking this colour for the wheels ill keep this updated as and when i do more cheers all !!! Matt.
  3. oh yes, its me. finally making a build thread from my deck! this is going to take a while seeing as iv owned the car now for 8 months! but here goes, few pics of when i picked it up and though the stages of work iv had done, and to the most recent jobs iv got done and or waiting to fit. Morning after i picked it up big silly 17s stupid stickers. good base but not my cuppa. thing drove like a sack of what not so got the tracking etc looked at. it was all out. no surprise. i put it back on the standard wheels. then noticed it needed to be a bit lower so i wound down the crap ebay coilovers. few lil things i did next. took the rear wiper off and bunged the hole, took the rear end apart and gave it a good jet wash i remember it looked like it had lived off road! NEXT UP was its big trip to the bodyshop. originally had gone in for a small list of bits but my mate who owned the place sat with me having a chat and we decided on a full respray and loads of other bits. absolute ledge! lots of pics of the time there. dents sorted rear smoothed more dents had half the car painted then noticed the paint was to far gone to match so re did the whole car here was the difference painted front all back on with gloss black grill and satin bump strips weather strips were all messed up. and the afternoon i took it home
  4. I did look, seemed to find more results for MB then i did rover
  5. hi all. Iv been told to use the forum more lol so here i am. I wad also told it was more helpful then the Facebook page! So i got a set of cobra daytona's with rails but no frames. Iv looked at making my own up, got annoyed and seached google and found some on demon tweeks. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/seat-mounting-frames-vehicle-specific/car/honda/civic-95-01/cobra-tailored-seat-subframe Has anyone ever used these? And or any other frames? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks all! Matt.
  6. hi all. =) my deck came without any mats =( tad annoying now must admit. in doing some searching on ebay etc i cant seem to find any that match the shape of the ones iv googled and seen the shape of. well.... there is a set of " genuine " mc aerodeck mats on ebay but over £50. F that just for mats. anybody have any links to some they've got or know anywhere i can get some =) cheers Matty.
  7. lol hush up. It was a mixture of laziness and cba-ness haha.
  8. Links? I dont mind digging only when I looked all I found was something from 2012 with expired links.
  9. As title says. I twigged yesterday that 1&2 don't work on my heater controls. Is there a easy fix/ solve? Cheers
  10. So in conclusion, ek coilys will fit but itll sit lower on rear then front. Meh. Im after going silly low like stupid low. So maybe thats not a bad thing
  11. philthylow


    Hi all. Just wondering, I picked up a aerodeck at the weekend, and 1st things 1st it needs coilovers! By looking at it am I rite in saying anything made for the ek will fit? All looks the same only reason I ask is I had a ek for 5 years on d2s and could not fault them so ideally id like the same set up on the deck. Cheers. Matty.
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