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  1. No, only when parked or handbrake on a hill, rear passenger side, other 3 corners are fine with no noise :-/
  2. Lol it would explain the strange looks I get from time to time
  3. I forgot to mention while it is rare it happens the noise starts when I park on a hill which is why I said about the caliper sticking but doesnt explain the dunk when I go over uneven roads
  4. Hi, Was hoping I could get some advice about a noise coming from the rear passenger side wheel, the car currently is on coilovers, when I'm driving along it feels like there is no damp/shock on that side, I'm thinking of replacing all 4 corners with either a FK Suspension kit or some collies kindly suggested by Fyfie5,, but it could be something simple and was wondering if it could be due to the caliper slightly sticking? Either way eventually I'll be replacing everything but need to prioritise, the squeaking noise only occurs when I rock the car when parked up, any help would be much appreciated!
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