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  1. Oh, that sucks... if it would be the calipers... I'll try and adjust them again using the method u said and i'll see what happens... I hope its gonna be okay... If it would be the calipers, would you have any idea what exactly it would be?
  2. Hey guys, recently i've been having troubles with my parking brake. So the parking brake wont hold even when its fully tightened. At first i thought i just had to readjust the 2 cables, but the problem returned after a few days, did this a few times, but it just wont hold. I then replaced the handbrake cables as i thought these might be worn or something, nothing... I've checked the rear brake pads and they're fine so now im oblivious to what the problem could be... Also something to note, when i changed the cables, i readjusted them as well, after pumping the brake pedal about 20 times while the contact was on (i read somewhere this was necessary to do...) and the parking brake itself is hard as **** to pull (i can pull it up about 3-4 clicks) but still the parking brake does not hold my car on whatever sort of incline. Even when the parking brake is engaged and on a flat surface, there's no trouble pushing it forward or backward... Any help on what more i could check or do or what the problem is would be very appreciated!!
  3. ok so just leave my head on it but with D15Y8/Z6/D15B camshaft and rockers would be the best solution? thanks for the info guys
  4. Okay, so ive been reading alot of topics on here and the interwebs on doing a mini-me on a D15Z8 engine. So basically theres a discussion between D16y8 head, cams, etc and D16Z6 head, cams etc. My question is, which one do i chose? Maybe good to know is that i'm aiming for a max power and torque WITHOUT using a turbo. So what would be the best thing to do: 1 swap a full D16Y8 head onto my block 2 Swap a full D16Z6 head onto my block 3 Change the cams rockers etc. to D16Y8 BUT with the Z6 head bolted on (not sure if this is legit, but found this online too) thanks PS: i know that if you bolt the Z6 head to my Z8 block, you end up with a D15B engine without Vtec-E, according to some this would be better, but the D15B only has 103 hp where my z8 has 114 (stock), so to me id be losing power... why do people do this, or is there something im missing here? O.o
  5. oh ok no probs my apologies for the misunderstanding
  6. whhat chrome do you mean? the only thing in chrome is the friggin tube for the air intake... and that was just a standard tubing set... The rest of the "chrome" is probably the colour of the car that you mean... its a silver coloured car so im kinda stuck with that colour dude...
  7. i know this just looks too thick and... ugly... xD
  8. Maybe, but still id like her to have a somewhat more aggressive look to her thah no way, i have the same problem
  9. thanks for the warning, but i dont even find the lip around here and the sites i go on either dont ship to belgium or if they do it costs WAAAAAY to many...
  10. Hey guys, im Jorre, new member from Belgium. In January this year i got my first car, the Honda Civic 1.5LS (MB3). I just LOVE this car its fun to drive, handles well and its been maintained really well by the previous owner. All and all a very good first car. Now I allready did some mods on the engine (switched the airbox to a conefilter and put in a 4-2-1-Exhaust manifold). But what really bugs me, are the bumpers... The front bumper is a "new" stock one the previous owner put on, since another car drove into the right front side. The problem is that whoever painted that bumper, didnt do a really good job and the paint is starting to peel off (which sucks if ou want to clean it...) So i decided to just get me some new nice tuning bumpers. BUT I DONT FIND ANY!!! Could any of you guys think of a site where they actually have (tuning)bumpers that would fit on my 5dr MB3 or do you know if there are bumpers from other civics that would fit on mine? It would really help me alot UPDATE: Here's some pictures of the Engine, engine bay and air intake (i know, if i want better cold air intake, i should mount a heat shield, but that seems very hard to find around here...)
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