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  1. MB6 Rear wheel bearing

    Awesome thanks
  2. MB6 Rear wheel bearing

    I’m having exact same issue getting a rear wheel bearing for my mb6 vti. Both bearings stocked at Euro parts was wrong. I don’t want to get the wrong one a3rd time!?
  3. Blox inlet manifold wanted b18c4

    Hi, looking for a performance inlet manifold for my vti.
  4. CAT required for my MB6 Vti

    Hi, need a catalytic converter for my MB6 vti. cant get it through an MOT. can anyone help?
  5. MOT and Decat exhaust.

    Awesome. When is best to pop up?
  6. MOT and Decat exhaust.

    I don’t know anyone. I know someone for most things, but sadly no Mot peeps.
  7. MOT and Decat exhaust.

    Is there any way to find a friendly tester?
  8. MOT and Decat exhaust.

    I have an MB6 VTI and it’s due an MOT. It has a Toyosport decat exhaust on. Is it just going to fail on emissions? I haven’t got a cat to put back on. What can I do? I’m down in Torquay
  9. Hi all, need two front wings, obv rust and dent free. In Silver for my MB6 thanks guys also needed: parcel shelf, passenger door card, silver electric wing mirrors.