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  1. Chris Rox

    Is this repairable? If so, what on earth do I do?

    Got it all repaired for 190 quid. It's not pretty but it passed MOT so at least the car is good for another year or so. Wee bit of work done on the otherside too. I thought it was the end of the road tbh.
  2. Chris Rox

    Is this repairable? If so, what on earth do I do?

    O yeah it wouldn't be me doing it like I would definitely be taking it somewhere but I'm also not wishing to spend more than the car is worth just to fix that. I'm more looking advice on whether it's even possible and if so are there replacement sills available so without having to go to a scrap yard!
  3. So unfortunately my MB6 failed it's MOT on Saturday due to obvious reasons (see pics) however I was unaware it was actually that bad until I cleaned it all away and picked off the crumbling metal. Is this even repairable and if so is it just a case of welding new metal or something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Chris Rox

    175k miles, what induction kit and spark plugs?

    Cheers for the help. :-/
  5. Hi guys I hope you can help on this one. My B18C4 has very high miles on it now and I think it's due a new set of plugs. The engine is standard bar a crappy eBay air filter and a toyosport exhaust. It does have HT leads though. What spark plugs would you guys recommend? Also thinking about a new filter so I would love a recommendation for a decent but not bank breaking filter. Do K&N come recommended? Thanks guys
  6. Chris Rox

    Battery completely died?

    I made the mistake of teaching my girlfriend to drive my mb6 for the first time tonight. Anyway, lesson learnt. I'd been saying I think it needed a new battery for the past few days because it's been sounding like it's struggling to start. So anyway she's pooting along as slow as hell, stalling about 6 times then all of a sudden on the last stall everything died. ... no power, no hazards (at busy traffic lights flip sake) not even a feint glow from the internal light. Managed to pull off an awesome reverse jump start on the smallest of hills and got home. I ragged it about on the way home but as soon as I switched it off and immediately tried to start it again it had nothing. Just really dim lights and not enough power to turn the engine over. So my question is, can a battery just expire like that or is it an alternator problem? It's felt like it's been down on power for a few weeks too, is this possible from a weak battery? Bare in mind there's been no squeaking from the belts or anything else like that. I don't want to just go and buy a new battery if it could be something else altogether. As per usual any help and guidance is much appreciated!