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  1. ChosenOne

    Front wheel bearings

    Thank you so much guys (: I'll look into it! I already ordered new tires because I found out that the ones I bought are actually the cheapest winter tires on the market here (23 euros a piece) and I'm really not sure why the hell I bought them. I hope that will be issue
  2. ChosenOne

    Front wheel bearings

    So I got all the bearings replaced (all four of them) but the car is still noisy at 100+ km/h ! What else could cause the noise ? My EK Civic is super silent at such speed but the Aerodeck is pretty loud
  3. ChosenOne

    Front wheel bearings

    Thanks man!
  4. ChosenOne

    Front wheel bearings

    Hello again; I recently changed all the brake pads and brake discs plus both rear wheel bearings but now I noticed that either one or both the front wheels bearing scream like crazy, especially between 90 - 100 km/h ! My parts guy can't tell me precisely what I need because he's not sure if the wheel bearing comes with the hub or no. Could you guys help me out here please ? Does the bearing come with the hub ? If not, does anybody know the size of the wheel bearing ? Thanks!
  5. ChosenOne

    My fresh new Aerodeck and it's problems

    Can you guys please tell me what exactly I should be looking into with those steering problems ? Should I replace the whole steering rack or what would be the best thing to do ?
  6. ChosenOne

    My fresh new Aerodeck and it's problems

    ABS does not work. Is it a good idea to order front ABS sensors or what would you suggest ? Thanks for all the other answers
  7. Hello! I have recently bought a nice looking 1999 Civic Aerodeck and I've discovered some problems with it since I drove it more and more. I'll list all the issues that I've found with my new Aero and I'll appreciate any help I can get from you guys - ABS and SRS lights are not coming on at all - Slight knock when I hit the gas pedal - Engine sounds a little too loud even when idle - Starts a little slower after sitting for days (battery ?) - Howling noise from some of the wheels but doesn't go silent in corners (wheel bearings ?) - Slight leak from the middle of the steering rack