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  1. Jay81

    Brake caliper carrier

    Hi all. I have a little issue with one of my calipers on my mb3. I've had the car looked at a little while ago and was advised to replace brakes all round. I have bought new calipers, discs, and pads all round aswell as new ball joints and new track rod ends. While replacing one of the front discs my friend who was helping me noticed one of the sliding pins in the carrier was seized. Unfortunately the carrier doesn't come with the new caliper. I've looked online but can't seem to find one on its own to fit. If anybody has one or is breaking a mb3 I'd happily buy one as I really want my civic back to 100%. Please leave me a message if anybody can help at all. Its the front drivers side carrier I need. Thanks in advance. Jay.
  2. Jay81

    Coilovers for sale

    I'm selling my coilovers as I bought them impulsively months ago and have decided not to use them as my civic had all new suspension just over 2yrs ago. They are still brand new in the box and I paid £210 for them but I am open to sensible offers.