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  1. Mily

    4x114 15" VTIS fanblades

    Hi Vtisgilman, Is it possible to send you private message here, not visible for everyone? I am not used to discuss about business on public area That's why I wanted to write you back on private e-mail. So if it is not inconvenience for you please reply me on e-mail which I wrote before. Thanks in advance.
  2. Mily

    4x114 15" VTIS fanblades

    Hi, Could you reply me on my e-mail: milymily@o2.pl ? It will be faster to contact between each other and lay down details of collecting alloys. Thanks, regards.
  3. Mily

    4x114 15" VTIS fanblades

    Hi George, Do you still have this set of alloys? Best regards, Marcin