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  1. Thanks, I cant take all the credit i just funded it, hopfully get it out for a couple of sunny days before it moves on
  2. Going on ebay in a month or two thought I'd float it on here see if any aerodeck enthusiast might be interested or know of anyone. Car is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, uk. I'm asking £8000. A lot more has been spent so believe me this is a bargain for a 301bhp (to the wheels) Honda! All work was carried out by a professional tuning garage, Garage21 near Coventry. I have only recently got the car back but sent it off before covid kicked off, because of covid my circumstances have changed and unfortunately the Honda needs to go. This is not a cheap kit bought off ebay all parts are top qua
  3. Winning! Cheers, time to go shopping me thinks
  4. Does anyone know if the spline used on a 98 civic aerodeck comes from the rover 400? I've tried a steering wheel from a Integra dc5 hoping it would fit but didn't then tried a boss that is meant to fit civics 96 to 2000 but no joy, any clue what car shares the spline fitment?
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