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    Honda civic aerodeck 2000 mb9 d15z8 owner from Sweden.

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    Edvard Andrée
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    Strömsund Sweden

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  1. The noise when its cold is characterised like something is a little loose like a bolt or something. A bit of a vibrating sound.
  2. Not really. As soon as the engine is warm it runs really good. Very smooth and steedy rpm:s. No knocking or rumbling noise. I would say that it's considerbly louder before it reaches normal working temperature. But since I don't have much experience with honda engines I find hard to tell if it's something to worry about.
  3. Hi! I bought a MB9 with a D15z8 last winter quite cheap with about 150 000km. Since the previous onwer had skipped quite a few oil changes I tried to adress the situation by making several new ones in a short period of time. A couple of days ago i made a change oil and filter. And then I decided to cut open the oil filter an inspect the filter. And to my disipointment I found metal shavings in the filter and one flake several mm big flake. Is this a common problem on this engine? And is it something I can do to repair it or am I in for a engineswap? Sorry about bad spelling and poor grammatics since I'm from Sweden. /Not so happy MB9 owner
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