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    Love (old) Japanese cars

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  1. Patrix

    Change headlight

    Thanks, yes I found all of them.
  2. Patrix

    Change headlight

    I see three bolds, two at the top and one at the side, those three are the only ones or are there more hidden bolts behind the bumper? The one at the side won't come loose btw, common problem I ques?
  3. Hi, Just a short question, when changing the headlight unit, does the bumper have to come of? Regards, Patrick
  4. Patrix

    Remove antenna

    Don't be sorry, I thought the cap was a plug sow I pulled at the cable the same time, cap came of by accident I'm gonna wrap my roof because of the hail damage, put some putty on it and made it as flat as possible, same story for the hood. DAP didn't fit or didn't work?
  5. Patrix

    Remove antenna

    No help needed anymore, the cap came of and underneath is a nut, feeling really stupid now,
  6. Patrix

    Remove antenna

    Hi, as the title says, how do I remove the antenna? I like to know how to release the cable from the antenna under the interior light module, just pull or.....? Regards, Patrick
  7. Patrix

    Wheel size

    Hi, Put some ''new'' wheels on, same style only 2 inch bigger, tire size 205/17/40 7J ET38, fits perfectly. Old situation,
  8. Patrix


    Thanks, No, unfortunately not (just found that out) saw a couple nice ones for less
  9. Patrix


    Hi, quick guestion. Are the taillights interchangeable between aerodeck and sedan? Thanks in advance
  10. Another option I'm thinking of... Is it possible to engage the VTEC from a D16Z6 head with the wire that's activating my current VTEC-E solenoid? I would say yes, only the VTEC will be activated at 3000 RPM (sounds like fun ) because that's the current RPM to activate the four extra valves right now....
  11. Thanks, and the P30 fits my socket?, I don't know what the standard ECU is on a Vtec-e with the d15z6 engine. P07??
  12. Hi all, I'm planning to do a mini-me on my 1.5 Vtec-e I've read a lot about it but two things I'm not sure of, will it run (good) with a P30 ECU from a Civic del sol, or do I need the P28 ECU? And a adjustable cam gear is not necessary because I'm not changing cam only but the complete head? I'm able to buy a complete D16Z6 engine, costs are low because of oil consumption, engine has run 130 Miles. Regards, Patrick
  13. Patrix

    Wheel size

    Hi Dave, it's lowered bij coilovers but not adjustable, best thing to do is set it a bit higher, or buy adjustable upper arms, but what i mentioned earlier, it's not rubbing a lot. At normal cornering it's fine, straight ahead also, only the tight (bumpy) corners will give al little rubbing, it's touching de inner fender (plastic) like a gentle kiss
  14. Patrix

    Wheel size

    The gap is less then half a inch
  15. Patrix

    Wheel size

    195 50 15 is a lot smaller then the 185 60 15 I have, and maybe it's better to put it a bit higher on the springs also, but I like as low as possible. It's not that much rubbing, mostly in sharp corners because the wheel is sticking out of the fender then.
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