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  1. Patrix

    Wheel size

    Hi Dave, it's lowered bij coilovers but not adjustable, best thing to do is set it a bit higher, or buy adjustable upper arms, but what i mentioned earlier, it's not rubbing a lot. At normal cornering it's fine, straight ahead also, only the tight (bumpy) corners will give al little rubbing, it's touching de inner fender (plastic) like a gentle kiss
  2. Patrix

    Wheel size

    The gap is less then half a inch
  3. Patrix

    Wheel size

    195 50 15 is a lot smaller then the 185 60 15 I have, and maybe it's better to put it a bit higher on the springs also, but I like as low as possible. It's not that much rubbing, mostly in sharp corners because the wheel is sticking out of the fender then.
  4. Patrix

    Wheel size

    I used the first calculator, it's really a fantastic one!, the new size I have in mind is sticking out the same as what I have now, so it will fit (with a minor rubbing but that's only with fast sharp cornering.
  5. Patrix

    Wheel size

    Hi, thanks for the answer, yes the tire is one size bigger then supposed, but ! think the ET35 is also to low, ET40 or higher shut be better. In fact I was wondering if somebody fitted 17 inch ET40 with the mentioned tire, and lowered of course. The difference between 195/55/15 and 185/60/15 is only 7.5mm (in total) I don't think that the 3.75mm makes the difference. Maybe a camber-set is the solution? I'll take a look at the links you posted, thanks a lot
  6. Patrix

    Wheel size

    Hi everyone, just a quick question, will a rim size 17 Inch 7J ET40 with a 205/40 tire fit on my lowered MA9? Now I have 15 Inch 7J ET35 with a 185/60 tire and it hits the fender pretty quick at the front (when cornering) Thanks in advance
  7. Rust is indeed not the problem over here, so I think I have to sand it, put a lot of putty on the hood and do my best to make it flat again, then put some (black) wrapping on it. Same story for the roof, let it spray is an option I consider later because it's expensive if you want to do it good. On the other hand, I bought the car really cheap (800 Euro) because of the hail damage, so a little invest to make it good is to consider, the car is like new on the inside etc.
  8. Thanks Dave, Yes I found out that the model is becoming rare, I've bin looking for a new hood because of hail damage, but I didn't found one yet. The starlet I own for 7 years now, bought in bad condition, but made it shine again.
  9. I would say 17 is the max also, 18 will fit with a 195/40 or 205/35 tire, witch is very flat and not comfortable.
  10. Thanks, the powerfilter without the airbox sounds to loud (for me) so decided to put it into the box, and then the idea pops up to create a see thru,
  11. Hi, my name is Patrick, found this Forum yesterday, I own a 1.5 Vtec-e, not the fastest one but drives very smooth. it has only 125.000 KM on the clock. Only put it closer to the ground and made it a little nicer under the hood. Second car is a Toyota Starlet (1985)
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