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  1. Hey there, I am currently needing to remove both front door panels of my aerodeck to resolve issues regarding the door lock and the glass support. I would like to get some clips beforehand just in case some get broken. Does anyone know where
  2. There are some that look like the oem ones, it's just strange since the diameter is 63 mm and it seems like there aren't any with that diameter. Also the surface isn't flat, is convex so I am not sure if the sticker will be able to stick properly.. I guess I'll have to give it a try
  3. Now that you mention it I believe you are right. By looking at photos it has always seemed to me that it came with a 3D Honda logo, but looking more carefully it is definitely a sticker. Do you now if anyone sells these?
  4. Hi guys, Recently managed to acquire the wheels I was looking for my aerodeck ("Civic Jordan" 15 inch with 4x100 pcd). Although they came complete with the lug nut cover, the center cap on these is missing the chrome Honda badge it usually comes with. I thought that the center cap was removable but it doesn't seem so, since it has no pins or anything. I can't find any information on how are these center caps assembled, and would like to know if any of you has these wheels in order to show me how are the oem center caps and how they fit on the wheel. The photos attached show my center caps. Thanks
  5. Hey! My wiper motor is quite noisy. Tried lubricating the linkage but it doesn't get any better. Has anyone had a similar issue? VID_20221030_171200.mp4
  6. I had only opened one of my fog lights because it was the worse condition one, but now I am trying to open the other one an it's impossible. Can't rotate the part no matter what I do. Did you just use brute force or do you have any tip?
  7. I'm going to try to treat the rust and see if they still have good metal underneath it. I was thinking of nickel plating them and then polish the best I could. What thin foil tape? Do you have any pictures or something? Always open to new ideas..
  8. This is what I found when I opened mine, always thought that the reflector would be made of plastic but..
  9. Really nice, very similar to mine, but I wish I had those wheels.. Thanks for the help!
  10. Really cool find! I'll try to repair the Bosch ones first, but if they end up being impossible to repair I'll definitely order a pair of those.
  11. I've managed to get to that part and removing the housing and glass from the plastic cover, however I discovered that the chrome housing is actually metal an it's very rusted. I don't know if it is recoverable. To remove the glass I have to apply heat to weaken any sort of seal or is there any "trick"?
  12. Thanks for the help, I will have a look. These are OEM manufactured by Bosch.
  13. Hi, I've managed to find these fog lights that seem quite rare and I was hunting for a while. However I am happy with the find, they require some repairs and I can't seem to find a way to open them, not even to change a bulb. So, I was wondering if anyone here knows their way around these fog lights that could help me. PS: Ignore the side markers on the attached photo. Best Regards, Rui Nunes
  14. There was a plastic piece in there that acted as a bumpstop for the spring and it was broken. I 3d printed a replacement part for that. Also I had one of the small palstic pieces that hold the cover open broken, and also printed a replacement for that. Everything is working fine. For now I won't be doing anything more to it, i'll use my time to sort other things out, but if anyone ends up running into any problems with the cover I'm happy to help. Here is a photo of one of the replacement pieces I've printed, the other I didn't take a photo and now it's in there ahah...
  15. I forgot to take pictures so the explanation might be a bit vague, but i'll try my best to make it clear. On the cargo cover ends there is a hole where between two ribs that mount on the car. If you take a peek in the hole you will see a hollow round tube that has small pin going through it. That pin is what keeps everything closed, so you need to remove it. In order to do it I banged on it on the other side so that the tube became exposed on the end I wanted to remove, and then with a hammer and a small bit removed the pin. You might need help from another person to compress the end or the tube may not become exposed. I'm thinking disassemble it again in order to do a tutorial video and develop a rebuild kit with my 3d printer, do you think it's worth it? Don't know if many people experience problems with their cover..
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