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  1. Update: Bought a new ignition coil, no luck. Then ordered a new distributor from b-parts. Measured it, and installed it. Without luck.. again.. Might be the crankshaft potion sensor?
  2. A little update: Bought Haynes and it has arrived. For d15z8: Primary - 0.45 to 55 ohms. Secondary - 22.4 to 33.6 k-ohms. Will change the coil, and come with an update.
  3. There's 11 MB3's registered with plates in Denmark. So I think it would be near impossible to find any at the breakers. B-parts might be the only options. Found one at the local parts shop for 40$. Might pick that up and and check the resistance on a brand new one.
  4. The engine light was showing before. But couldn't read any codes when I tried to. When i try reading the codes, the engine light won't change. Only srs will go on. (Tried both connectors) It stopped giving any spark after i hit a pothole. Have stuttered a couple of times in the past. But not any major problems. I'm not very experienced on all the ignition stuff.
  5. Hi everyone. My MB3 won't spark, and I'm currently trying to figure out what is wrong. Took out the coil, and tried to measure the resistance of the primary and secondary. Can't fint any specific data on what the resistance should be. The resistance of my coil is: Primary 1.2 ohms Secondary 26.4 KOms Is it fine or should I get a new one? Thanks
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