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  1. GJ1

    MA/MB window deflectors

    I believe they are all the same
  2. Hi everyone,where can I get window deflectors for my 96 civic MA please,I could do with leaving the window open a bit,to stop the inside misting/wet
  3. Hi Guys and thanks for the replies. I’ve purchased the rear lights apparently from a w reg model (mb) but do have the amber indicators,I’ve purchased the rear struts from struts direct and now looking for the mirror. It’s in currently for a cam belt,water pump and tensioner so will look then. regards Gary.
  4. Good afternoon everyone,I’ve just joined (just found your wonderful site) and just to say I own a 1996 civic MA 5 door hatch.(had an MB before) and has the dreaded headlining that has dropped. it’s mot is today ? , but wanted some advice please if that is ok. I would like the following and where is best to buy from, pair of rear light units (orange indicator ones) can you buy new or eBay ? pair of rear hatch struts eBay or someone like struts depot or somewhere else. passenger door mirror (electric unpainted black one). the only other issue is rear wiper washer isn’t working ( washer motor is working and a dribble came out but nothing now) I appreciate any help offered. thanks Gary.
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