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Central Locking wire colours

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I am looking to fit an aftermarket alarm to my MB6 this weekend as it currently only has the standard manufacturer immobiliser. I was wondering if anyone knows what colour the lock/unlock wires are and where the central locking module is located.

I'm pretty sure Civic's use a negative pulse activation, just need to fint the relevant wires.

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I have tried to download the manual but it never worked,

so I tested the wires on the drivers door central locking plug with a multimeter,


I think the red/blue wire and the red white wire control the solenoid switch (lock /unlock)

the thicker red/yellow and red white actually fire the solenoid (up/down)

I still havent figured out quite which wires to splice into :(

Pic of the wiring diagram for the central locking unit


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This is the cheat sheet that should help you out if not already sorted, although your alarm doesn't list the correct configuration on your photo but this can be over come with 2 12v changeover relays. I've attached the laserline diagram, the top one diagram 'E'. you need to cut the white/red and yellow/red you've already found.

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd75 ... ic1996.jpg

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd75 ... iagram.jpg

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