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  1. KiNK43's post in MB3 Won't drive anymore, possible clutch? was marked as the answer   
    Defo sound like you clutch has let go. As for pric s it's usually 4-6 hours labour and material. Clutches are around £100-150 for a reasonable replacement like an exedy.
  2. KiNK43's post in Snapped strut bar thread was marked as the answer   
    Not dangerous.
    they are welded in. But You could drill through and use a nut and bolt instead.
  3. KiNK43's post in rear trailing arm bush was marked as the answer   
    yeah genuine honda or rover are best. Hard ones make car bit skitty and cheap ones last 6 months and fail again.
  4. KiNK43's post in Honda civic mb2 1.4 clutch adjustment was marked as the answer   
    You can adjust pedal slightly. Using nut under dash at the top of the pedal. It's obvious when you look. But you should always have free play on the pedal. Never have it making contact when no pressure applied.
    If your bite point is out of the ordinary then you could either have a hydraulic issue or some part of the clutch or release fork is worn.
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